Attract Qualified Students From the MENA Region.

Increase your reach and recruit qualified students from Middle Eastern and North African countries through a platform trusted by more than 300 institutions worldwide.

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Why to Be Present in The MENA Region?

Very Huge Market icon

Very Huge Market

With a youthful demographic, the MENA region is booming with opportunity. There are 300 million under 30 in this region!

Growing Demand icon

Growing Demand

According to reports, there is an exponential increase in demand for higher education in the MENA region.

Diversity and Inclusion icon

Diversity and Inclusion

The MENA region offers a unique opportunity for diversity and inclusion. It contains more than its fair share when it comes to ethnicity or religion.


Why Choose Emonovo?

Brand and Trust

Since 2016, we've built an educational brand in the region that students and their families depend on as a reliable resource for their education plans.

We Know the MENA

We know how students behave, speak and think in their native language so we can address them accordingly with a personalized approach that will be most effective for everyone involved!

Recruit students for you

Along with our digital pipelines, we also partner with high schools to provide their students a premium counselling support to continue their educational journey at prestigious universities like yours.

In-person Representation

We act as an extension of your university, helping you save time and effort by acting as a one-stop-shop for all student inquiries.

Access to Various Activities

Emonovo holds mini-events, summits, webinars, and school visits to engage with students and recruit them to your programs through different channels.

SEO and Multilingual Content

You will have a university profile including your programs in English and Arabic which will increase your digital footprint in the market and enhance your SEO presence in both languages.

Our partners

Trusted by Diverse Universities

Emonovo has built partnerships with +350 universities from 10 countries around the world.

Emonovo Pricing

High Quality Recruitment for a Reasonable Cost

Emonovo offers competitive pricing plans tailored to universities worldwide seeking to recruit students from the MENA region and Gulf area. Our services include customized marketing and subscription options designed to enhance your recruitment strategies and expand your student base in these dynamic regions. Join our demo to discover how partnering with Emonovo can elevate your university's presence in the Middle East and North Africa.

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