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University Facts


Not Defined Intakes
Only the MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing proposes a January 2023 intake, applications will open for all the rest of the programmes by the beginning of 2023.


Always open
Only the MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing proposes a January 2023 intake, applications will open for all the rest of the programmes by the beginning of 2023.


4 Bd Trudaine, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France

Location info of ESC Clermont Business School

In few words
Clermont-Ferrand has always been a student town… industrial in the last century, it has re-invented itself in recent years to become the creative, connected and moving town in the west of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region!

Clermont, a student-friendly city
Clermont is a dynamic city and a great place to study with a low cost of living and a high quality of life (International short film festival, international music festivals, theatre, concerts, etc….). The city has an active student population of approximately 40 000 students (around 5,000 are international students) and has witnessed a big increase in its population size during the last few years (+7%) as more people are attracted by the what the city has to offer.

According to the Etudiant ranking of the most pleasant cities in France where to study, Clermont-Fd comes in 3rd position for cities with 30,000 students. Nice score.

Cost of Living
Clermont-Ferrand is one of the most affordable student cities in France. It is much cheaper than other major cities like Paris, Lyon etc..
Living expenses, including rent, food, other bills, can be estimated at approximately 550-800€ per month, depending on a student’s lifestyle and the type of accommodation rented.
During the first month students will need extra money for rent deposits, connecting electricity, gas, telephone and various other extras, especially if she/he will rent her/his own flat. Students are strongly advised to open a bank account as soon as they arrive in France and to deposit/ wire enough money to cover all these initial expenses.

A festival town!
It’s quite common to be surprised by the local cultural life, which one doesn’t imagine as rich and varied when one doesn’t live there. Clermont-Ferrand is a real city of internationally recognised festivals. You have to live, for example, the week of the International Short Film Festival to get the measure of it since it is the 2nd film festival in France in terms of attendance behind the Cannes Film Festival. Clermont-Ferrand is, by the way, a city which offers one of the highest ratios of cinema seats per inhabitants in France, whether you are in the mood for multiplex or arts and essays.

We can also mention Europavox which, for more than 10 years and in conjunction with the Rock en Seine team, has been bringing together musical talents from all over Europe. There are many other emblematic festivals throughout the year: travel diaries, photography, documentaries, video and digital arts, performing arts…

All this is happening at a time when many stages, exhibition halls and museums have their own programmes: The Coopérative de Mai for contemporary music (and its afterworks), the Comédie Scène nationale, the MARQ, the FRAC, the Opera, the Orchestre d’Auvergne…

And, of course, there are the student associations within the School which contribute to this local edifice.

Top Reasons to Study in ESC Clermont Business School

    We act with conviction to serve learners and all stakeholders placing involvement, high standards and respect for our commitments at the heart of our priorities
    We encourage the exchange of opinions and the sharing of knowledge and call on everyone to be enriched by diversity and to grow by exploring the world
    We believe that to be mindful of the world, everyone must cultivate empathy, mutual aid and benevolence, towards themselves and others
    We put collective intelligence into action and draw on our power of anticipation and our strength of reflection to lead change and shape the new world without delay

University details

About ESC Clermont Business School

Since its creation in 1919, ESC Clermont Business School has been recognized for the quality of its training, its diplomas and its support in order to train its students, as well as managers and business executives, to the highest level of competence.

Our raison d’être as a Grande Ecole of Management is constant and unambiguous: to deliver high-level training and to offer each student individual and close support that responds to the quest for meaning that drives us all, both on a personal and professional level. Its great ambition is to be the school that reveals the talents and passions of a new generation of change agents, placing people and the planet at the heart of its choices.

With a solid ecosystem and an international, national and regional influence, our School intends to use its strength to promote the emergence of a more just and sustainable world. By relying on its network of partners, companies and foreign universities, but also on its graduates – posted in the four corners of the world -, it trains responsible leaders, committed explorers and inspiring entrepreneurs ready to take up the challenges of business in tomorrow’s global economy and to shape the world of tomorrow.

Our international DNA (first double degree agreement in the US in 1949), our consistent actions in favor of social openness and equal opportunities, the involvement of companies in our specialization programs, and our involvement in the Clermont-Ferrand university site are also hallmarks of the ESC Clermont BS, rich in strong values and a spirit of mutual aid, sharing and cooperation.

Career at ESC Clermont Business School

Each year, ESC Clermont Business School trains more than 1,400 students enrolled in our different programs (Bachelors, Master Grande Ecole, MS, MSc). They are future talents of tomorrow in many fields!

Campus life

What is it about you that attracts you in particular?

  • Living out your social responsibility by taking part in food collections, Sidaction or the actions of the League against Cancer with the Humanitarian Cluster?
  • Managing the school’s sports programme with BDS?
  • Manage the BDE budget?
  • Co-constructing with the Management the prestigious Graduates’ Gala which brought together more than 600 people this year?
  • Imagining and implementing the future integration weekend?
  • Participate in the national challenges of Junior Enterprises with Segma?
  • Conceiving and implementing the Asso Week, the snow seminar or the cultural discovery trip?
  • Or would you prefer to express your musical talents in our brand new music room with the Creation Centre?
  • And many other projects …

Make your choice so that you can join without delay the great family of associations on Boulevard Trudaine, so rich, swarming and enthusiastic!


Eligibility criteriaEarly confirmation of payment (deposit or full fees).

How to apply?Payment of the first deposit before 1st of March or within the two weeks following receiving the admission letter (till 30th of June the latest).

Amount of the scholarship

  • 5% reduction on tuition for early deposit payment.
  • Extra 5% reduction on tuition fees in case of payment of full fees before starting the programme.

Selection criteriaAny confirmation payment done within the timeframe will give the automatic right for the reduction.

Ranking & Accreditation of ESC Clermont Business School

  • Change Now: 15th Business school awarded Grade de Master
  • Le Point: 24th Business school awarded Grade de Master – +3 places in 3 years
  • Le Figaro étudiants: 28th Business school awarded Grade de Master – +5 places in 3 years
  • L’Etudiant: 29th Business school awarded Grade de Master – +3 places in 3 years
  • Le Parisien: 20th Business school awarded Grade de Master – +2 places in 3 years
  • Challenge: 20th Business school awarded Grade de Master – +4 places in 2 editions
  • FT: 93rd best Master’s degree in management- 2nd French school on the criterion “aims achieved”
    2nd French school on the criterion “ value for money”

Programs at ESC Clermont Business School


  1. Master of Science (MSc.) : Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene
  2. Master in Management
  3. Master of Science (MSc.) : Business Intelligence & Analytics
  4. Master of Science (MSc.) : Corporate Finance & Fintech
  5. Master of Science (MSc.) : International Commerce & Digital Marketing
  6. Master of Science (MSc.) : Project Management
  7. Master of Science (MSc.) : Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  8. Master of Science (MSc.) : Transforming Mobility – Business Models & Vehicles for the Future
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  1. Bachelor in International Management
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