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List of Programs

Full-time On-campus Programs:

  1. Applied Mathematics and Statistics (MSE)
  2. Bioengineering Innovation and Design (MSE)
  3. Biomedical Engineering (MSE)
  4. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (MSE, MCBE)
  5. Civil Engineering (MSE, MCE)
  6. Computer Science (MSE, MS)
  7. Data Science (MSE, MS)
  8. Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSE, MS)
  9. Engineering Management (MS, MEM)
  10. Financial Mathematics (MSE, MS)
  11. Geography and Environmental Engineering (MA, MSE, MS)
  12. Global Innovation and Leadership through Engineering (MS)
  13. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE, MMSE)
  14. Mechanical Engineering (MSE, MME)
  15. Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (MS)
  16. Robotics (MSE)
  17. Security Informatics (MS)

Engineering for Professionals: Online Programs:

  1. Applied and Computational Mathematics (MS)
  2. Applied Biomedical Engineering (MS)
  3. Applied Physics (MS)
  4. Artificial Intelligence (MS)
  5. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (MSE, MCBE)
  6. Civil Engineering (MSE, MCE)
  7. Computer Science (MSE, MS)
  8. Cybersecurity (MS)
  9. Data Science (MSE, MS)
  10. Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSE, MS)
  11. Engineering Management (MS, MEM)
  12. Environmental Engineering (MEE)
  13. Environmental Engineering and Science (MS)
  14. Environmental Planning and Management (MS)
  15. Financial Mathematics (MSE, MS)
  16. Healthcare Systems Engineering (MS)
  17. Information Systems Engineering (MS)
  18. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE, MMSE)
  19. Mechanical Engineering (MSE, MME)
  20. Space Systems Engineering (MS)
  21. Systems Engineering (MSE, MS)

Engineering for Professionals: Home-to-Hopkins (Hybrid)*:

  1. Applied and Computational Mathematics
  2. Computer Science
  3. Data Science
  4. Financial Mathematics

*The structure of the Home-to-Hopkins Master’s Program allows students to experience the freedom of learning at a pace that complements their lifestyle while also gaining the career-changing knowledge to step into an engineering role with confidence.

Students start coursework the first year in their home country or location, tapping into the specially designed online education engineering courses offered by Engineering for Professionals. Then, students spend year two on campus at Johns Hopkins University with an opportu­nity to take courses on our main Homewood campus. This also opens the door for OPT eligibility as candidates will be full-time residential students at Johns Hopkins.


Academic Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: 3.0

Additional requirements

  • Résumé/CV
  • Statement of Purpose: Required for full-time, on-campus programs only
  • GRE: Required for full-time, on-campus programs only
  • Letter of Recommendation: Required for full-time, on-campus programs only

English Tests Requirements





About Faculty

The Whiting School, a global leader in innovation and research, teaches students to think creatively while drawing upon mathematics and scientific principles to tackle difficult, real-world problems

Top Reasons to Study in Johns Hopkins University


One of the great aspects of going to a school like Hopkins is the wealth of opportunities open to its undergraduate students, no matter the age or level of experience.

Learning is a Daily Occurrence

Even if you’re not involved in research, there is no doubt that you will learn new things every day, whether in class, out in the community, or from your friends.

Notable Alumni

We are proud to count visionary CEOs and scientists; famous conservationists and authors; winners of Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, and Pulitzer Prizes; and a past U.S. president among those with Johns Hopkins degrees.


Ranking & Accreditation of Johns Hopkins University

  • #9 National Universities U.S. News & World Report, 2022
  • #16 Engineering U.S. News & World Report, 2023

Student Accommodation at Johns Hopkins University

  • Housing: $16,946
  • Other: $2,949



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