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University Facts


Oct, Mar
*A foreigner has to start the studies in the autumn semester not later than on the 1st of October, in the spring semester – not later than on the 1st of March.


Always open
*The selection of applicants for the autumn intake takes place until the 1st of July, for the spring intake – until the 1st of December.


Lielā street 14, Liepaja, Latvia, LV 3401

Location info of Liepaja University

Latvia in crosscut

  1. Fast internet Latvia comes in 7th in the global rankings of fast internet.
  2. Currency changes Latvia is famous for having used eleven different currencies under different occupations.
  3. Art Nouveau architecture Latvia is famous for one of the world’s greatest collections of Art Nouveau buildings – a whopping 40% of Riga’s buildings are built in the Jugendstil style.
  4. Latvia Rivers Latvia is covered with bodies of water, and among these are more than 12,000 rivers.
  5. Waterfalls Latvia is famous for being home to Europe’s widest waterfall, called the Venta Rumba. It measures up to 270 meters, and is home to a population of flying fish!
  6. Beautiful beaches Latvia is famous for having a rugged, barely touched coastline with sandy beaches.
  7. Forests Enchanting forests cover most of Latvia’s land, and most of the trees that grow are coniferous trees.
  8. Being basketball lovers Latvia is famous for loving basketball, and has drafted a few players to the NBA (National Basketball Association).
  9. Being ice hockey fans The Latvian national team ranks 10th in the world, and children spend a good portion of winter practicing their shots on goal in ice rinks.
  10. Riga Latvia is known for its capital and cultural center, Riga, a harbor city that homes a third of the Latvian population! There’s so much to see and do in Riga, so I recommend you spend at least a couple of days there to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Top Reasons to Study in Liepaja University

  • ️Paid exchange semester(s) abroad
  • ️Paid internship abroad
  • ️Modern laboratories
  • ️Business incubator
  • ️International study environment
  • ️Beautiful city with the seaside just 10 minutes from the main campus
  • ️Career opportunities in local companies
  • ️Experienced lecturers from Latvia and abroad
  • ️Cheap student hostel near to the university
  • ️Cheap living costs

University details

About Liepaja University

Liepaja University is one of the universities of the Republic of Lativia. Liepaja University is a symbol of education, science and culture of Liepaja and Kurzeme region that provides competitive, internationally recognized varied education. Liepaja University develops innovative research, ensures sustainability of society development, economic knowledge development in Lativia as a lawful partner in European Union.

Campus life

  • Arriving in Liepaja

Liepaja is easily accessible. It is located 220 km (136 mi) west from Riga, 100 km (62 mi) north from Klaipeda, a city in Lithuania, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. You can get to Liepaja by plane, train or bus from Riga, and by bus from Klaipeda or Palanga. Normally a bus ride from Riga to Liepaja takes about 3hours 30minutes, and a bit less than 2 hours from Klaipeda. You can get to Liepaja by your own car from Riga even faster than by public transport.

By plane

Liepaja has its own airport: AirBaltic flights to/from Riga in just 30 minutes! Palanga airport is just about 65 km (40 mi) south; it has direct routes all year round. Riga International airport (the largest airport in the Baltic states) offers many direct flights to Europe and Asia, including cheap Ryanair, AirBaltic and Wizz Air routes) it is located 220km east from Liepaja city.

By car

There are two main roads going to Liepaja. One is A9 from Riga direction, and the other is A11, from Klaipeda. Other roads are P111 to/from Ventspils, and many regional roads.

By bus

Liepaja is connected by bus service with Riga (multiple times every day), Klaipeda, Palanga, Ventspils, Kuldiga and other towns, as well as smaller villages in Liepaja region. The Bus station is located some distance away from the center. Take the tram to the south to get to the center (take the tram at a tram stop, which is on your right side when you quit the Bus station building. Do not cross the tram-railway, which is a wrong direction! The Liepaja regional bus terminal is located in the southern part of the center, at Sienatirgus. But all busses go to the main Bus station. A ticket to Riga costs around 9 Euros. Liepāja bus company offers you the possibility to get from Liepāja to the airport “Rīga” and also in the opposite direction from the airport “Rīga” to Liepāja without entering the centre of Rīga by using the bus route Liepāja-Rīga-Liepāja. To get from Liepāja to the airport “Rīga”, purchase in addition to the bus ticket a voucher for 1 LVL at the bus driver.

By train

A nice and relatively quick train runs twice a week to and from Riga. It leaves the Liepaja railway station (which is the same building as the bus station) at 6AM, and arrives at Riga railway station at 9:10AM. The train from Riga leaves at 6:30PM and arrives in Liepaja at 9:37PM. These trains also stop at Skrunda, Saldus, Dobele and Jelgava. On the train you can watch a DVD movie or use a vending machine to have a cup of coffee. Despite the fact that the train actually takes a longer route – about 240 km {149 mi} compared to 220 km {136 mi} if you go by bus – because it goes through Jelgava, it takes a bit less time to go to Riga by train than by bus.

  • Getting around

There are four types of public transport in Liepaja city – tram, bus, minibus, taxi. There you can download all timetables of Liepaja Public transport

TRAM has only one line. It runs from the southwest, along beaches, through the center, to Jaunliepaja, a place with a flea market and ends near the metallurgic factory. It operates from 5AM till midnight and costs 0.58 cents if ticket is bought in a boutique, or 0.70 cents, if you buy it from the tram driver. Ticket must be validated in one of three yellow validators in the tram, which will print date and time on the ticket. The ticket is valid for one ride. Tram is the best transport to get to/from the Railway/Bus station to/from the city center. If you are going to catch the morning train to Riga, do so, because trams operate in early morning, but not as frequently. A ride from the center to the station takes approximately 8 minutes. An electronic tram ticket is also available by sending SMS, but this might be complicated for those who don’t have local mobile phones.

BUS has many lines, the most important are 1,3,4,7,8 – with these you can get from the city center to Karosta and back. You can get to the Southeastern part (Ezerkrasts) to see Meynard`s church and Liepaja Lake by 3, 4, 10, 15, 912. Costs 0.50 Ls (€0.70). Buses stop at bus stops throughout the city. Tickets can be bought in boutiques 0.58 cents or from the driver for 0.70 cents. Tickets must be validated in the bus by inserting them in an electronic validator just like in trams. Some, but not all, buses have audio announcement system for next stop and a LED screen in front of the bus displaying the next stop name. In case of going to Karosta you will most likely want to go till the last stop, so don’t worry. An exception is bus number 8, which goes far north in summer house and garden district Skede near the sea, which is kind of too far for Karosta, however is the best bus to get as far as the Jewish holocaust memorial or the Northern fortress.


MINIBUS numbers 1, 2, 3 also serve Karosta. They cost €0.70. To stop a minibus, you have to wave your hand. To stop a minibus when you are in it, you have to demand the driver to do so. Tickets must be validated in the bus by inserting them in an electronic validator just like in trams and buses.

TAXI is relatively expensive compared to other types of transport, but still cheaper than in Western Europe. This is, however, the only public transport available in the night (approximately from 12:30AM-5AM). There are some places in the city center and near the Bus/Railway station where Taxi cars use to assemble, but you can call (+371) 63422222 (, (+371) 63488888 or 8500 (free Wi-Fi).

  • Sightseeing

You’ll need at least a couple of days to see everything that Liepaja has to offer. Spend the night in a haunted prison, climb up to the clock tower of Holy Trinity Church for spectacular views of the city, soak up the atmosphere at Peter’s Market, explore the ruins of a tsarist fort or just spend time at the Blue Flag beach.

On the spotlight

Karosta Prison – Latvia’s very own version of Alcatraz, but without the water, the sharks and the view of the Golden Gate bridge. The ominous brick building has however been witness to some ghastly crimes over the past century. www.karostascietums.lv

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – is unique about few things that will please everything: your eyesight, ear and heart. Its` well preserved interior masterpieces, art works, 13-meter high sacred altar and one of the biggest organs in the world cheers its` listener’s ears with an outstanding music.

Promenade – It is a passage, where you can see water with some interesting ships from one side, and on the other side – reconstructed old storage buildings, nowadays housing shops, restaurants, etc.

Northern Forts – A long system of concrete fortifications were once part of the Naval Port’s defences, but they were destroyed after a friendship and cooperation agreement was signed with Germany in 1908.

Rose Square – The square housed a new market from 18th century, later market was moved away and place got a look of a green spot. The first roses were planted here in 1910, in recent times monument was created, depicting names of the sister cities of Liepaja and their symbols.


International students can apply for 2 types of scholarships:

1) Latvian Scholarships for studies in Latvian Higher Education Institution: in accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science, the State Education Development Agency (Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra – VIAA) offers scholarships to students of several countries for studies in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs). The amount of the Latvian scholarship is ~500EUR per month.

2) European Social Fund scholarships for Liepaja University Master degree students of “New media art” and “Information technology” study programmes. Only student who had successfully passed the prescribed period can apply for scholarship. The amount of scholarship: 430 EUR per month.

Ranking & Accreditation of Liepaja University

Liepaja University ranks among the World’s greenest universities

Liepaja University for the first enters the “green” world university ranking – UI GreenMetric World University Rankings.

The aim of the rating is to assess the activities of the world’s higher education institutions in green policy-making and a sustainability, focusing on global climate change challenges, energy and water saving, recycling and green transport.

The rating identified a number of criteria: surroundings and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste, water, transport and education and research. Liepaja University showed the best indicators in the categories: waste, transport and energy, climate change.

A total rating this year includes 912 higher education institutions from 84 countries. There are 3 universities from Latvia: Riga Technical University, Liepaja University and Daugavpils University, with obtained 56th, 575th and 753th place.

In the first place of the ranking is the Wageningen University and Research from the Netherlands, the second – University of Oxford from the United Kingdom and the third – University of Nottingham from the United Kingdom.

Student Accommodation at Liepaja University

Cost of Living
The Average cost of living in Liepaja ranges from €345-€400 per month:

Food – 130 EUR

Materials for studies – 15 EUR

Student hostel – 35-90 EUR

Phone costs, newspapers – 15 EUR

Clothes, hobbies, amusements – 150 EUR

Liepaja University offers to international students live in the Student Hostel. Due to high demand, students should give the Foreign Affairs Department ample notice of their intension to live in student dormitories. International students are usually housed in shared rooms (2-3 persons) with a common kitchen, shower und toilets. Linen, blankets, pillows, and kitchen utensils are provided.

Rent is EUR 36 per month for a room (if in the room live 2 and more persons), EUR 50 (2 persons) and EUR 90 (1 person).

Liepaja University Student Hostels’ rooms are furnished, a fridge is in each room, Free Wifi and a laundry.

If student do not wish to stay at a dormitory, private housing arrangements should be made before arriving in Latvia. Rent can verify from EUR 145 – 290 per month.

Programs at Liepaja University


  1. European language and culture studies*
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  1. New Media and Audiovisual Art
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  1. Media Art and Creative Technologies
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  1. Educational Sciences*
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  1. Information Technology
  2. Computer Sciences*
  3. Environmental Innovation Technologies
  4. Smart Technologies and Mechatronics
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  1. Information Technology
  2. Ecotechnologies
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  1. E-Study Technologies and Management
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