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40 Dilworth Rd, Millersville, PA 17551, United States

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Lancaster county has much to offer.

  • You might think of Lancaster County as home of the Pennsylvania Germans, with breathtaking farmland, farmers markets and Amish buggies. That’s true. But there’s much more than that.
  • Lancaster County has trails to hike and streams to ford. Go kayaking, fishing, hunting or climbing. Then there is the small town setting of Millersville, with Halloween parades, coffee shops and pizzerias.

Top Reasons to Study in Millersville University


Millersville University embraces a culture of exploration, creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, creative intelligence, innovation, forward-thinking ideas and exciting discoveries.


Millersville University is founded on a tradition of academic excellence, expert knowledge and professional collegiality. Our diverse community of learners is comprised of skilled and dedicated educators and staff who model maturity of thought and practice while exhibiting mutual respect.


Millersville University steadfastly defends freedom of thought, ideas and discourse as core to authentic and honest scholarship. Our commitment to integrity is measured by action and responsibility and engenders a culture of trust, rich with opportunities for rigorous applied learning and meaningful civic engagement and public stewardship that are responsive to the needs of our vibrant and evolving metropolitan region.

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About Millersville University

At Millersville, we BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF WE. Come to campus and experience our commitment to the whole campus community including students, faculty, staff, coaches, advisors and alumni. We know that a full life begins with learning and that hard work leads to great things.

Career at Millersville University

The Career Center Provides Student-centered Career Programs, Experiences And Learning Opportunities To Assist You In Achieving Your Personal And Professional Goals.

  • Electronic Career Document Reviews
  • Career Sessions and Programs
  • Job & Internship Fairs
  • Individual Appointments with Staff- virtual or in-person

Campus life

While excelling academically is the main priority for all Millersville students, academic success is best enhanced by getting involved in extracurricular activities and campus life. Your involvement in life outside the classroom in clubs, activities, and events will help you grow in ways you never imagined. The university also offers undergraduate research, hands-on learning opportunities, and civic engagement


  • Undergraduates: $5,558

Ranking & Accreditation of Millersville University

  • (2020) Millersville University has been selected to receive the 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. Millersville is one of only 243 institutions in the country that now hold the elective classification.
  • (2020) The 2021 ranking from U.S. News & World Report puts Millersville University at #29 on the list of “best public universities in the north.”
  • (2022) Millersville received the 2022 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from “INSIGHT Into Diversity” magazine for the 11th consecutive year.
  • Your Local Security: (2020) Millersville University was ranked among the safest schools in the United States and ranked as the safest campus in Pennsylvania. The University was ranked #16 in the nation.

Student Accommodation at Millersville University

$12,600 per year with meals.

Millersville University has 5+ residence halls that provide an ideal space for students. Our suite-style housing option with group study rooms and common spaces help facilitate and deepen the important interaction among students.

Programs at Millersville University


  1. Drawing, Painting and Watercolor (BA)
  2. Interactive & Graphic Design (B.DES)
  3. Speech Communication (BS)
  4. Media Arts Production (BS)
  5. Entertainment Technology (BA)
  6. Anthropology (BA)
  7. Archaeology (BA)
  8. Art & Design (B.DES,BSE,BA)
  9. Economics (BSE,BA)
  10. English (BA)
  11. Language & Culture Studies (BA)
  12. Music (BSE,BA,BS)
  13. Music Education (BSE)
  14. Music Production – Music Industry (BS)
  15. Philosophy (BA)
  16. Art Education (BSE)
  17. Atlantic World Studies (BA)
  18. Botany (BS)
  19. Communication Studies (BS)
  20. Criminology (BA)
  21. French (BA)
  22. German (BA)
  23. Government & Political Affairs (BA)
  24. Graphic Communication (BS)
  25. History (BA,BSE)
  26. Live Audio Production (BS)
  27. Pre-Law (BA)
  28. Public Relations (BS)
  29. Science Writing (BA)
  30. Spanish (BA)
  31. Sport Administration (BS)
  32. Theatre (BS)
  33. Writing Studies (BA)
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  1. English (M.Ed,MA)
  2. History (MA)
  3. Psychology (M.Ed,MS)
  4. Reading Specialist (M.Ed)
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  1. B.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Education PK-4
  2. B.S. Ed. in Middle Level Education
  3. B.S. Ed. in Special Education PK-12
  4. Psychology (BA)
  5. Social Studies Secondary Education (BSE)
  6. Social Work (BA)
  7. Sport Administration (BS)
  8. Allied Health Technology (BS)
  9. Applied Disability Studies (BA)
  10. Biology Education (BSE)
  11. Chemistry Education (BSE)
  12. Education (BSE)
  13. Technology & Engineering Education (BSE)
  14. Educational studies (BA)
  15. English As A Second Language (BA)
  16. Mathematics Education (BSE)
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  1. Art Education (M.Ed)
  2. Assessment, Curriculum and Teaching (M.Ed)
  3. Early Childhood Education (M.Ed)
  4. English As A Second Language (M.Ed)
  5. English Education (M.Ed)
  6. Leadership for Teaching and Learning (M.Ed)
  7. Reading Specialist (M.Ed)
  8. School Counseling (M.Ed)
  9. Social Work (MSW)
  10. Special Education (M.Ed)
  11. STEM Education (M.Ed)
  12. Gifted Education (M.Ed)
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  1. Advanced Manufacturing Technology (BS)
  2. Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
  3. Automation & Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology (BS)
  4. Packaging Engineering Technology (BS)
  5. Construction Management (BS)
  6. General Technology (BS)
  7. Applied Mathematics (BS)
  8. Environmental Studies (BA)
  9. Physics (BS)
  10. Physics Education (BSE)
  11. Medical Technology (BS)
  12. Nuclear Medicine Technology (BS)
  13. Pre-Athletic Training (BS)
  14. Respiratory Therapy (BS)
  15. Biology (BS)
  16. Animal Behavior (BS)
  17. Environmental Biology (BS)
  18. Marine Biology (BS)
  19. Molecular Biology/ Biotechnology (BS)
  20. Pre-Podiatry (BS)
  21. Pre Pharmacy (BS)
  22. Pre-Veterinary (BS)
  23. Secondary Education (BSE)
  24. Chemistry (BS,BSE)
  25. Computer Science (BS)
  26. Emergency Management (BS)
  27. Environmental Earth & Ocean Sciences (BS)
  28. Meteorology (BS)
  29. Earth & Space Science Secondary Education (BSE)
  30. Earth Sciences (BS,BSE)
  31. Geography (BA)
  32. Applied Engineering & Technology Management (BS)
  33. Biochemistry (BS)
  34. Chemistry Engineering Instrumentation Automation (BS)
  35. Environmental Chemistry (BS)
  36. Environmental Hazard & Emergency Management (BA)
  37. Information Technology (BS)
  38. Nanotechnology (BS)
  39. Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (BS)
  40. Polymer Chemistry (BS)
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  1. Climate Science (MS)
  2. Clinical Psychology (MS)
  3. Environmental Earth Systems Management (MS)
  4. Geoinformatics (MS)
  5. Integrated Scientific Applications (M.S)
  6. Mathematics (M.Ed)
  7. Nurse Educator (MSN)
  8. Nurse Leadership (MSN)
  9. Nursing (MSN)
  10. Technology & Innovation (MS)
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  1. Accounting (BS)
  2. Finance (BS)
  3. Business Administration (BS)
  4. Information Technology (BS)
  5. Management (BS)
  6. Marketing (BS)
  7. Actuarial Science (BS)
  8. Financial Economics (BA)
  9. International Business
  10. Statistics (BS,BA,BSE) (BS)
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  1. Emergency Management (MS)
  2. Sports Management (MWS/M.ED)
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