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Faculty Facts

Annual tuition fees

$17,025 $21,772

International Office Undergraduate Scholarship:

  1. International Year One
  2. International Foundation
  3. Undergraduate Degree with International Year One

up to £4,000


3 Years


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Study language


Delivery mode


Degree type

Bachelor, Foundation year

List of Programs

progression programs:

  1. Aerospace Engineering Sandwich-BEng (Hons)
  2. Aerospace Engineering Sandwich-MEng (Hons)
  3. Aerospace Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  4. Aerospace Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  5. Applied Mathematics and Physics-BSc (Hons)
  6. Applied Mathematics and Physics-MSci (Hons)
  7. Archaeology-MSci (Hons)
  8. Audio Engineering-BSc (Hons)
  9. Biochemistry with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  10. Biochemistry-BSc (Hons)
  11. Biological Sciences (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  12. Biological Sciences with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  13. Biological Sciences-BSc (Hons)
  14. Biological Sciences-MSci (Hons)
  15. Biomedical Science-BSc (Hons)
  16. Chemical Engineering Sandwich-BEng (Hons)
  17. Chemical Engineering Sandwich-MEng (Hons)
  18. Chemical Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  19. Chemical Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  20. Chemical Technology-MEng (Hons)
  21. Chemistry with a Year in Industry-BSc (Hons)
  22. Chemistry-BSc (Hons)
  23. Chemistry-MChem
  24. Civil Engineering (Sandwich)-BEng (Hons)
  25. Civil Engineering (Sandwich)-MEng (Hons)
  26. Civil Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  27. Civil Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  28. Computer Engineering with a Year in Industry-BEng (Hons)
  29. Computer Engineering with aYear in Industry-MEng (Hons)
  30. Computer Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  31. Computer Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  32. Computer Science with a Year in Industry-MEng (Hons)
  33. Computer Science with Professional Experience-BSc (Hons)
  34. Computer Science-MEng (Hons)
  35. Computing and Information Technology including Professional Experience-BSc (Hons)
  36. Data Science with Year of Professional Expreience-BSc (Hons)
  37. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Sandwich-BEng (Hons)
  38. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Sandwich-MEng (Hons)
  39. Electrical and Electronic Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  40. Electrical and Electronic Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  41. Environmental and Civil Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  42. Environmental Management-BSc (Hons)
  43. European Planning with Placement-MPlan (Hons)
  44. Food Science and Food Security (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  45. Food Science and Food Security-MSci (Hons)
  46. Food Science and Nutrition with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  47. Food Science and Nutrition with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  48. Food Science and Nutrition-BSc (Hons)
  49. Food Science and Nutrition-MSci (Hons)
  50. Geography-BSc (Hons)
  51. Human Biology-BSc (Hons)
  52. Marine Biology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  53. Marine Biology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  54. Marine Biology-BSc (Hons)
  55. Marine Biology-MSci (Hons)
  56. Mathematics and Computer Science-BSc (Hons)
  57. Mathematics and Computer Science-MSci (Hons)
  58. Mathematics and Statistics and Operational Research-BSc (Hons)
  59. Mathematics with Finance-BSc (Hons)
  60. Mathematics-BSc (Hons)
  61. Mathematics-MSci (Hons)
  62. Mechanical Engineering Sandwich-BEng (Hons)
  63. Mechanical Engineering Sandwich-MEng (Hons)
  64. Mechanical Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  65. Mechanical Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  66. Medicinal Chemistry with a Year in Industry-BSc (Hons)
  67. Medicinal Chemistry-BSc (Hons)
  68. Medicinal Chemistry-MSci (Hons)
  69. Microbiology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  70. Microbiology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  71. Microbiology-BSc (Hons)
  72. Microbiology-MSci (Hons)
  73. Midwifery Sciences-BSc (Hons)
  74. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology-BSc (Hons)
  75. Pharmaceutical Sciences-BSc (Hons)
  76. Pharmacy-MPharm (Hons)
  77. Physics with Astrophysics-BSc (Hons)
  78. Physics with Astrophysics-MSci (Hons)
  79. Physics with Medical Applications-BSc (Hons)
  80. Physics with Medical Applications-MSci (Hons)
  81. Physics-BSc (Hons)
  82. Physics-MSci (Hons)
  83. Planning, Environment and Development-BSc (Hons)
  84. Product Design Engineering Sandwich-BEng (Hons)
  85. Product Design Engineering Sandwich-MEng (Hons)
  86. Product Design Engineering-BEng (Hons)
  87. Product Design Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  88. Professional Nursing (Adult)-BSc (Hons)
  89. Professional Nursing (Children and Young People)-BSc (Hons)
  90. Professional Nursing (Mental Health)-BSc (Hons)
  91. Professional Nursing Learning Disabilities-BSc (Hons)
  92. Psychology-BSc (Hons)
  93. Software Engineering with a Year in Industry-BEng (Hons)
  94. Software Engineering-MEng (Hons)
  95. Structural Engineering with Architecture (Sandwich)-MEng (Hons)
  96. Structural Engineering with Architecture-MEng (Hons)
  97. Theoretical Physics-BSc (Hons)
  98. Theoretical Physics-MSci (Hons)
  99. Zoology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-BSc (Hons)
  100. Zoology (Sandwich) with Professional Studies-MSci (Hons)
  101. Zoology-BSc (Hons)
  102. Zoology-MSci (Hons)


Academic Requirements

  • Completion of 12 years of schooling (or the local equivalent to meet the same standard) with good grades. All students must hold a GCSE grade 4/C Mathematics or equivalent.

English Tests Requirements



with a minimum of 5.0 in writing and no less than 4.5 in all other subskills

About Faculty

Preparing students for direct entry to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree in a range of subjects including Biomedical Sciences, Computing, Engineering, Nursing, and Science at Queen’s University Belfast.

Top Reasons to Study in Queen’s University Belfast

  • Impacting Communities Locally And Globally.
  • At The Cutting Edge Of Innovation.
  • Supporting Your Potential.
  • An Inclusive, Collaborative, And Supportive Research Culture.
  • Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.
  • At The Forefront Of Tackling Global Challenges.

Ranking & Accreditation of Queen’s University Belfast

  • Queen’s is ranked 85 in the world in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022.
  • Queen’s is in the top 170 in the world for graduate prospects (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022).
  • ranked 8th in the UK for research intensity (REF 2014/Times Higher Education).
  • Queen’s is one of the 10 most beautiful historic universities in the UK (QS World University Rankings 2021).
  • We are a member of the Russell Group of 24 leading UK research-intensive universities committed to maintaining the highest standards of research, education and knowledge transfer. Russell Group universities are major international institutions which also have a strong national and regional role and influence.
  • We have been awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education on seven occasions.

Student Accommodation at Queen’s University Belfast

Student Accommodation:

Elms BT1 and Elms BT2

We know how important finding the right home is to your student experience. Our student housing at Elms BT9 has been applauded consistently by our students for quality, cost and service (ISB Autumn 2015 and 2017 surveys).

Located just 15 minutes from Queen’s main campus (0.9mi), you’ll be neighbours with the vibrant city-centre nightlife, popular restaurants and local supermarkets.

  • Accommodation £4,500
  • Going out £1,308
  • Food/Drink £1,224




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