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the Fenway neighborhood of Boston USA

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About Simmons University


Simmons University is a community of higher learning that unites passion with purpose.


Rooted in an age-old fight for equality, we envision a future where our historic foundation as a women’s college offers scholars an opportunity to pursue their life’s work; where our expertise in fields that improve the human condition serves as a resource for the nation; where the relationships that are formed through teaching and learning are a cornerstone of our success; and where our home in the city of Boston welcomes all genuine forms of intellectual curiosity, imagination, and self-expression.


  • We believe in changing the world for the better by inviting the best of the world to change us.
  • We believe in strengthening our communities by nurturing inclusion
  • and belonging.
  • We believe in leading and modeling leadership through everyday action.
  • We believe in improving society by connecting theory to practice.
  • We believe in increasing our power to influence by increasing our willingness to serve.

Career at Simmons University

Located in Boston’s historic Fenway area, Simmons has a strong tradition of empowering women and challenging traditional gender roles.

Simmons University was one of the first higher education institutions to prepare women to become leaders and has evolved to become a university offering a women’s undergraduate program and graduate programs open to all.

You’re joining our community at an especially exciting time as one of our strategic goals is to become the most inclusive campus in New England. You’ll find that people who work here are truly committed to our mission of preparing students to become champions of social justice and leaders in their professions and their communities. This commitment and pride make for a dynamic workplace. Learn more about our commitment to inclusive excellence.

We offer competitive benefits and salaries as well as numerous resources that will enhance both your professional and personal life. Come join us and experience what makes Simmons Simmons!

Ranking & Accreditation of Simmons University

Recent awards

Programs at Simmons University


  1. BA Art
  2. BA Arts Administration
  3. BA Graphic Design
  4. BA Media Arts
  5. BS Web Design & Development
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  1. BSBA Accounting
  2. BA Arts Administration
  3. BSBA Business Management
  4. BS Chemistry Management
  5. BSBA Finance
  6. BS Financial Mathematics
  7. BSBA Retail Management
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  1. BS Computer Science
  2. BS, MS Computer Science + Library and Information Science (3+1 accelerated degree)
  3. BS Data Science and Analytics
  4. BS Information Technology
  5. BS, MS Information Technology + Library and Information Science (3+1 accelerated degree)
  6. BS Statistics
  7. BS Web Design & Development
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  1. BS Environmental Science
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  1. Undecided – Pre-Law
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  1. BA Communications
  2. BA Communications – Graphic Design
  3. BA Communications – Journalism
  4. BA Communications – Media Arts
  5. BA Journalism
  6. BSBA Marketing
  7. BA Media Arts
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  1. BS Data Science and Analytics
  2. BS Financial Mathematics
  3. BS Mathematics
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  1. BS Biochemistry
  2. BS Biology
  3. BS Chemistry
  4. BS Chemistry Management
  5. BS Environmental Science
  6. BS Exercise Science
  7. BS, MS Exercise Science + Nutrition (4+1 accelerated degree)
  8. BS, DPT Exercise Science + Physical Therapy (3+3 accelerated degree)
  9. BS Neuroscience and Behavior
  10. BSN Nursing
  11. BSN, MSN Nursing + Nursing (4+1 accelerated degree)
  12. BS, MS Nutrition + Nutrition (4+1 accelerated degree)
  13. BS Nutrition and Dietetics
  14. BS Physics
  15. BS, MS Public Health + Nutrition (4+1 accelerated degree)
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  1. BA Africana Studies
  2. BA Asian Studies
  3. BA Economics
  4. BA, MPP Economics + Public Policy (3+1 accelerated degree)
  5. BS Economics and Mathematics
  6. BA French and Francophone Studies
  7. BA History
  8. BA International Relations
  9. BA Literature
  10. BA Philosophy
  11. BA Political Science
  12. BA, MPP Political Science + Public Policy (3+1 accelerated degree)
  13. BA Psychology
  14. BSW Social Work
  15. BSW, MSW Social Work + Social Work (3+1 accelerated degree)
  16. BA Sociology
  17. BA, MPP Sociology + Public Policy (3+1 accelerated degree)
  18. BA Spanish
  19. BA Women’s and Gender Studies
  20. BA Writing
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