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Buffalo, NY 14260, United States

Location info of University at Buffalo

Known as the “City of Good Neighbors,” University at Buffalo is a safe and friendly community located in New York State between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, two of the famous Great Lakes.

  1. Affordable living
  2. Vibrant Neighborhoods
  3. Four spectacular seasons
  4. Family friendly
  5. Parks for miles
  6. An Epicurean’s Delight

Top Reasons to Study in University at Buffalo

  • #1 Public university in New York State Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education
  • 100% of students can pursue research, service or experiential learning from year one
  • An exceptional education with tuition that’s a fraction of the cost of our peers.
  • UB grads land jobs at Google, NASA, Pfizer, the U.N CNN and more.

University details

About University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo, New York State’s flagship, is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most exceptional, most affordable universities, making it a top choice for students and faculty around the globe.

Career at University at Buffalo

At the Career Design Center, we engage with the UB community, employers and alumni to challenge students to see possibilities and seek opportunities in preparation for life after college.

  • Resumes & More
  • Jobs & Internships
  • Interviews
  • Events

Campus life

University at Buffalo students live and learn on three very different but complementary campuses: the North Campus, in a bustling, inner-ring suburb; the South Campus, in a historic urban neighborhood; and the Downtown Campus, in Buffalo’s dynamic medical corridor.

Ranking & Accreditation of University at Buffalo

  • #1 Public university in New York State Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education
  • #38 Public university in U.S. U.S. News & World Report
  • #25 Most affordable university in U.S. Credit Summit
  • #25 In U.S. for hosting international students Institute of International Education
  • #1 In U.S. for good health and well-being Times Higher Ed Impact Rankings
  • #2 In U.S. for climate action Times Higher Ed Impact Rankings

Student Accommodation at University at Buffalo

  • Housing: $9,650
  • Dining: $7,500
  • Other: $3,986

Programs at University at Buffalo


  1. African-American Studies
  2. American Studies
  3. Anthropology
  4. Art (Studio Art)
  5. Art History
  6. Asian Studies
  7. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  8. Biological Sciences
  9. Chemistry
  10. Classics
  11. Communication
  12. Computational Linguistics
  13. Computational Physics
  14. Criminology
  15. Dance
  16. Economics
  17. English
  18. Environmental Geosciences
  19. Environmental Studies
  20. Environmental Sustainability
  21. Exploratory
  22. Film Studies
  23. Fine Arts BFA
  24. French
  25. Geographic Information Science
  26. Geography
  27. Geological Sciences
  28. German
  29. Global Affairs
  30. Global Gender Studies
  31. Health and Human Services
  32. History
  33. International Trade
  34. Italian
  35. Jewish Studies
  36. Legal Studies
  37. Linguistics
  38. Mathematical Physics
  39. Mathematics
  40. Mathematics-Economics
  41. Media Study
  42. Medicinal Chemistry
  43. Music
  44. Music Performance
  45. Music Theatre
  46. Philosophy
  47. Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  48. Physics
  49. Political Science
  50. Psychology
  51. Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
  52. Sociology
  53. Spanish
  54. Speech and Hearing Science
  55. Theatre
  56. Urban and Public Policy Studies
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Bachelor, Master

  1. Biological Sciences BA/Biology Adolescence Education EdM
  2. Chemistry BA/Chemistry Adolescence Education EdM
  3. Chemistry BA/PharmD
  4. Classics BA/Latin Adolescence Education EdM
  5. Criminology BA/Law JD
  6. Dance BFA
  7. Economics BA/Econometrics and Quantitative Economics MS
  8. English BA/English Adolescence Education EdM
  9. English BA/Law JD
  10. English BA/School Librarianship MS
  11. French BA/French Adolescence Education EdM
  12. Geological Sciences BA/Earth Sciences Adolescence Education EdM
  13. Health and Human Services BA – Early Childhood /Childhood Education EdM
  14. History BA/Law JD
  15. History BA/Social Studies Adolescence Education EdM
  16. Legal Studies BA/Law JD
  17. Linguistics BA/English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Education EdM
  18. Mathematics BA/Mathematics Adolescence Education EdM
  19. Philosophy BA/Law JD
  20. Political Science BA/Law JD
  21. Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA/Law JD
  22. Sociology BA/Law JD
  23. Spanish BA/Spanish Adolescence Education EdM
  24. Speech and Hearing Science BA/Early Childhood Education EdM
  25. Speech and Hearing Science BA/English as a Second Language (ESOL) EdM
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  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biomedical Sciences
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Medical Technology
  5. Neuroscience
  6. Nuclear Medicine Technology
  7. Pharmacology and Toxicology
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  1. Architecture
  2. Environmental Design

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  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Computer Science
  7. Electrical Engineering BS
  8. Engineering
  9. Engineering Physics
  10. Engineering Science
  11. Environmental Engineering
  12. Industrial Engineering
  13. Material Science and Engineering
  14. Mechanical Engineering
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Bachelor, Master

  1. Electrical Engineering BS/MS

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  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Information Technology and Management
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Bachelor, Master

  1. Accounting BS/Accounting MS
  2. Business Administration BS/Management Information Systems MS
  3. Business Administration BS/MS Finance
  4. Information Technology and Management BS/Management Information Systems MS
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  1. Exercise Science
  2. Nutrition Science
  3. Occupational Science BS/Occupational Therapy MS
  4. Public Health
  5. Statistics
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