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900 Oakwood St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, United States

Location info of Eastern Michigan University

Michigan’s location is a selling point in itself: it is situated in Midwest America, on the border with Canada and four out of five Great Lakes. This means it has long, uninterrupted freshwater coastline, along with over 11,000 smaller inland lakes and vast forests.

  • High student population: Michigan has a lot of college towns, so plenty of students to make friends with. In Ann Arbor, ranked the 2nd best college town in America, there are 59,000 of them during term-time. That’s roughly 50% of the town!
  • Low cost of living: Michigan has below-average living costs for the US, and is the cheapest Midwestern state to live in. That means you get an American college education for less.
  • Urban development: the city has had some financial investment and graduate job creation is rising quickly.

Top Reasons to Study in Eastern Michigan University

At Eastern Michigan University, you will find a campus that is small enough to be truly welcoming but large enough to offer many opportunities for study, research and growth. When you join Eastern Michigan University, you will be joining an international community of scholars and leaders.

  • Location

Ranked as the 85th best regional university by U.S. News and World Report, EMU is located in Ypsilanti, Mich. — just 20 minutes from the Detroit International Airport.

  • Community

Home to over 20,000 students, 1,300 faculty and 900 staff members, the Eastern community is diverse and welcoming

  • Support

Here at EMU, we are committed to help you achieve success. From the application process to the visa process, from your first day on campus to commencement, Eastern Michigan will support you.

University details

About Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is among the most diverse public universities in Michigan, with a strategic focus on equity and inclusion in its core mission. Founded in 1849, Eastern is the second oldest public university in Michigan. It currently serves more than 15,000 students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, specialist, doctoral and certificate degrees in the arts, sciences and professions.

Career at Eastern Michigan University

  • 89% of recent grads are employed within 6 months

Career Development Center:

We’re here to guide and support Eastern students, staff and faculty as they make important choices by keeping them informed and on-track for academic and professional excellence.

For students, our job is to help you choose the academic and career path that best fits your unique personality, abilities and values.

For faculty, our job is to facilitate your own educational mission; keeping you trained, informed and helping you help EMU students as best you can.

Campus life

  • EMU’s big campus (around 800 acres), has more than 20,000 students enrolled and
  • more than 300 majors and degrees.
  •  Various clubs, activities and more than 200 student organizations.
  • 20 minutes away from the Detroit airport and 10 minutes away from Ann Arbor (2021
  • (elected in 2021 as one of the safest and nicest places to live in the U.S)
  • Students from over 83 different countries
  • 1 hour from Windsor, Canada
  • 4.5 hours from Chicago, IL


Undergrads (2-year Free tuition scholarship):

International undergraduate students pay for the first two years of tuition, then EMU will pay for 100% of the last two years of tuition.

  • Minimum GPA 2.75+
  • First-year College Students Only
  • Up to 30 Credit Hours Per Year
  • Locked-in Tuition Rate
  • 4 Years on Campus Living

Postgrads (National Scholars Program (NSP)): 

This scholarship pays the difference between resident and non-resident tuition ($10,000) . To qualify, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher on a 4.0

Postgrads (Student Success Program): 

A scholarship of $3,100 per academic year for up to two years. To qualify, students must have a cumulative GPA between 3.2 and 3.59

Ranking & Accreditation of Eastern Michigan University

  • Named a ‘Best of the Midwest’ university by The Princeton Review for the 20th consecutive year.
  • College of Business rated among nation’s best for the 18th consecutive year by The Princeton Review.
  • EMU is named 10th in the nation for Best Online Colleges for Entrepreneurship.
  • EMU ranks amongst the top universities for social mobility in the U.S.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing is ranked in the top 20% by the U.S. News and World Report.

Student Accommodation at Eastern Michigan University

  • Housing & Meal Plan: around $14,846
  • Student Insurance: $2,244

EMU has eight residence halls, three of which were renovated in 2023, to provide students with a complete on-campus living experience. Students over 20 have a choice of five existing complexes, with two more being built, to provide apartment-style living. Each residence hall room and apartment unit has a variety of amenities, services, and technology to support a student’s academic and social life.

Programs at Eastern Michigan University


  1. Actuarial Science and Economics [BS]
  2. Africology and African American Studies [BA]
  3. Anthropology [BA]
  4. Art History [BA]
  5. Art [BA]
  6. Art [BFA]
  7. Arts and Entertainment Management [BA]
  8. Biochemistry [BS]
  9. Biology [BS]
  10. Chemistry [BS]
  11. Children’s and Young Adult Literature [BA]
  12. Cinema Studies [BS]
  13. Communication [BA+MA]
  14. Communication [BA]
  15. Communication, Media and Theatre Arts Comprehensive [BA]
  16. Computer Science – Applied [BS]
  17. Computer Science – Curriculum [BS]
  18. Computer Science [BA]
  19. Criminology and Criminal Justice [BA]
  20. Dance [BA]
  21. Data Science and Analytics [BS]
  22. Digital Media Production [BS]
  23. Earth Science [BS]
  24. Economics [BA]
  25. Economics [BBA]
  26. Engineering Physics [BS]
  27. English – Creative Writing [BA]
  28. English – Linguistics [BA]
  29. English – Literature [BA]
  30. English – Professional Writing [BA]
  31. Entertainment Design and Technology [BA]
  32. Environmental Science and Society, Interdisciplinary Program [BS]
  33. Fermentation Science [BS]
  34. French [BA]
  35. Geography [BS]
  36. Geology – General [BS]
  37. Geology – Professional [BS]
  38. Geospatial Information Science and Technology [BS]
  39. Geotourism and Historic Preservation [BS]
  40. German Studies [BA]
  41. History [BA]
  42. International Affairs [BA]
  43. Japanese Language and Culture [BA]
  44. Journalism [BS]
  45. K-12 Bilingual Education [BA]
  46. K-12 French Teaching [BA]
  47. K-12 German Language and Literature [BA]
  48. K-12 Japanese Language and Culture Teaching [BA]
  49. K-12 Music Education – Instrumental [BME]
  50. K-12 Music Education – Vocal [BME]
  51. K-12 Spanish Teaching [BA]
  52. K-12 Visual Art Education [BFA]
  53. Language and International Trade – Japanese [BA]
  54. Mathematics [BS]
  55. Media Studies and Journalism [BS]
  56. Music Performance – Instrumental [B.M.]
  57. Music Performance – Vocal [B.M.]
  58. Music Therapy [BMT]
  59. Music [BA]
  60. Musical Theatre [BA]
  61. Neuroscience Interdisciplinary [BS]
  62. Philosophy [BA]
  63. Physics Research [BS]
  64. Physics [BS]
  65. Political Science Combined [BA + MPA]
  66. Political Science [BA]
  67. Pre-Dentistry
  68. Pre-Engineering Program
  69. Pre-Law
  70. Pre-Medicine/Pre-Health Professions/Pre-Veterinary
  71. Pre-Mortuary Science
  72. Pre-Pharmacy
  73. Psychology [BS]
  74. Public and Nonprofit Administration [BA + MPA]
  75. Public and Nonprofit Administration [BA]
  76. Public Relations Interdisciplinary [BA]
  77. Public Safety Administration [BS]
  78. Quantitative Economics [BS + MS]
  79. Quantitative Economics [BS]
  80. Religious Studies [BA]
  81. Science Literacy [BS] (for Biology Minors)
  82. Science Literacy [BS] (for Chemistry Minors)
  83. Science Literacy [BS] (for Earth Science Minors)
  84. Science Literacy [BS] (for Math Minors)
  85. Science Literacy [BS] (for Physics Minors)
  86. Secondary Education Biology [BS]
  87. Secondary Education Chemistry [BS]
  88. Secondary Education Communication and Theatre Arts Teaching [BA]
  89. Secondary Education Earth Science [BS]
  90. Secondary Education Geography/History Comprehensive [BS]
  91. Secondary Education History/Geography Comprehensive [BA]
  92. Secondary Education Integrated Science Comprehensive [BS]
  93. Secondary Education Language, Literature and Writing [BA]
  94. Secondary Education Mathematics [BS]
  95. Secondary Education Physical Science (For Biology Teaching Minor) [BS]
  96. Secondary Education Physical Science (For Chemistry Teaching Minor) [BS]
  97. Secondary Education Physical Science (For Earth Science Teaching Minor) [BS]
  98. Secondary Education Physical Science (For Physics Teaching Minor) [BS]
  99. Secondary Education Physical Science Comprehensive [BS]
  100. Secondary Education Physics [BS]
  101. Secondary Education Social Studies/Economics Comprehensive [BA]
  102. Secondary Education Social Studies/Geography Comprehensive [BA]
  103. Secondary Education Social Studies/History Comprehensive [BA]
  104. Secondary Education Social Studies/Political Science Comprehensive [BA]
  105. Simulation, Animation and Gaming [BS]
  106. Sociology [BS]
  107. Spanish [BA]
  108. Statistics [BS]
  109. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/TESOL [BA]
  110. Theatre Arts [BA]
  111. Transportation Planning and Modeling [Undergraduate Certificate]
  112. Urban and Regional Planning [BS]
  113. Women’s and Gender Studies [BA]
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  1. Accounting + Tax Consulting [BBA + MS]
  2. Accounting Information Systems + Accounting [BBA + MS]
  3. Accounting Information Systems [BBA]
  4. Accounting [BBA + MS]
  5. Accounting [BBA]
  6. Computer Information Systems [BBA]
  7. Entrepreneurship [BBA]
  8. Finance [BBA]
  9. General Business [BBA]
  10. International Business – Accounting Information Systems [BBA]
  11. International Business – Accounting [BBA]
  12. International Business – Computer Information Systems [BBA]
  13. International Business – Economics [BBA]
  14. International Business – Entrepreneurship [BBA]
  15. International Business – Finance [BBA]
  16. International Business – General Business [BBA]
  17. International Business – Management [BBA]
  18. International Business – Marketing [BBA]
  19. International Business – Supply Chain Management [BBA]
  20. Management [BBA]
  21. Marketing [BBA]
  22. Supply Chain Management [BBA]
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  1. Special Education K-12 Autism Spectrum Disorders – Elementary [BS]
  2. Special Education K-12 Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement – Secondary [BS]
  3. Secondary Education Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology [BBE]
  4. Secondary Education Chemistry [BS]
  5. Children and Families [BS]
  6. Communication Sciences and Disorders
  7. Secondary Education Communication and Theatre Arts Teaching [BA]
  8. Early Childhood Teaching and Learning (with Certification) [BS]
  9. Secondary Education Earth Science [BS]
  10. Special Education K-12 Cognitive Impairment Endorsement – Elementary [BS]
  11. Secondary Education Engineering and Technology Workforce [BS]
  12. K-12 French Teaching [BA]
  13. Secondary Education Geography/History Comprehensive [BA]
  14. Secondary Education History/Geography Comprehensive [BA]
  15. K-12 German Language and Literature [BA]
  16. K-12 Japanese Language and Culture [BA]
  17. Secondary Education Language, Literature and Writing [BA]
  18. Special Education K-12 Learning Disabilities Endorsement – Elementary [BS]
  19. K-12 Music Education – Instrumental [BME]
  20. K-12 Music Education – Vocal [BME]
  21. Secondary Education Physics [BS]
  22. Secondary Education Biology [BS]
  23. Secondary Education Social Studies/Economics Comprehensive [BA]
  24. Secondary Education Social Studies/Geography Comprehensive [BA]
  25. Secondary Education Social Studies/History Comprehensive [BA]
  26. Secondary Education Social Studies/Political Science Comprehensive [BA]
  27. K-12 Spanish Teaching [BA]
  28. K-12 Visual Art Education [BFA]
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  1. Athletic Training [BS + MATR]
  2. Clinical Laboratory Sciences – Histotechnology [BS]
  3. Clinical Laboratory Sciences – Medical Laboratory Science [BS]
  4. Clinical Sciences [BS]
  5. Cytogenetics [BS]
  6. Dietetics Combined [BS + MS]
  7. Exercise Science + Athletic Training [BS + MATR]
  8. Exercise Science + Exercise Physiology [BS + MS]
  9. Exercise Science + Orthotics and Prosthetics [BS + MS]
  10. Exercise Science [BS]
  11. Exercise Science [BS] – MiTransfer Pathway
  12. Experiences in Aging Studies [Micro-credential]
  13. Health Administration [BS]
  14. Nursing – Completion (RN to BSN) [BSN] (Online)
  15. Nursing [BSN]
  16. Occupational Therapy [BS + MOT]
  17. Public Health [BS]
  18. Social Work [BSW]
  19. Sport Management [BS]
  20. Therapeutic Recreation [BS]
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  1. Aviation Flight Technology [BS]
  2. Aviation Management Technology [BS]
  3. Civil Engineering [BS]
  4. Communication Technology [BS]
  5. Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology [BS]
  6. Construction Management [BS]
  7. Cybersecurity [BS + MS]
  8. Cybersecurity [BS]
  9. Electrical and Computer Engineering [BS]
  10. Fashion Marketing Innovation [BS]
  11. Hotel and Restaurant Management [BS]
  12. Information Technology [BS]
  13. Interior Design [BS]
  14. Mechanical Engineering Technology [BS]
  15. Mechanical Engineering [BS]
  16. Paralegal [BS]
  17. Pre-Architecture Program
  18. Product Design Engineering Technology [BS]
  19. Secondary Education Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology [BBE]
  20. Secondary Education Engineering and Technology Workforce [BS]
  21. Technology Management [BS]
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