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Fairfax, Virginia, USA

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Destination for your career:

  • Northern Virginia is home to 15,600 tech firms and 11 Fortune 500 companies.
  • Virginia is the No. 3 state for business (CNBC 2022).
  • Washington, DC is the No. 3 tech talent market in the US (CBRE 2022), and the DC metro area is in the top 5 for tech compensation in the US (Carta 2022).

With campuses and sites reaching across Virginia and beyond, George Mason University has a sizable regional presence and a global reach. Its locations serve Mason’s 40,000-plus students, as well as over 10,000 faculty and staff.

Top Reasons to Study in George Mason University

  • #64 Top public schools U.S. News and world Report 2023
  • Top 20 Most Diverse University in the US U.S. News and world Report 2023
  • 24 km from Washington DC
  • Tier 1 Research Institute Carnegie Classifications of Highest Education Institutions
  • 80% of Mason students are employed within 6 months of graduation.
  • 86% of employed students are in positions related to their career goals.

University details

About George Mason University

As Virginia’s largest public research university, George Mason University provides a college experience like no other. George Mason offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees and numerous minors and certificate programs to customize your education and meet your career and personal goals. George Mason’s six-year graduation rate exceeds the national average, with no disparity based on ethnicity or economic status.

Career at George Mason University

University Career Services is George Mason University’s nationally recognized centralized career center. We are specialists taking an industry-focused approach to serving our students and employers.

We prepare and connect career-ready students for post-graduate success.

Campus life

Fairfax Campus

George Mason’s primary location is located in the City of Fairfax, Virginia. The campus, on 677 wooded acres, is just 20 miles from downtown Washington, D.C.. It is home to most of our undergraduate student population, with more than 6,000 students living in 40 residence halls on campus.

Mason Square

Located in Arlington, Virginia, Mason Square is a hub of education, research, and business development. This campus is positioned in a prime location for tech innovators and companies, with proximity to Arlington’s technology corridor and downtown Washington, D.C. This region continues to grow in technology-driven innovation.


Regional Scholarship Undergraduate: $5,000

  •  Personal statement (300-400 words) may be required for some regions.
  • Scholarship interview may be required for some regions.
  • Limited availability: first come, first served.
  • Amount subject to change – limited awards at maximum value.

Ranking & Accreditation of George Mason University

  • George Mason is the largest public research university in the Commonwealth of Virginia with over 40,000 students from all 50 states and 130 countries.
  • George Mason graduates earn among the highest starting salaries of graduates from Virginia public universities; the median salary reported for the Class of 2023 was $74,000.
  • George Mason is Ranked a Top 50 Public University per Forbes and the Wall Street Journal
  • Best in Virginia for Social Mobility Wall Street Journal
  • #20 Most Innovative Schools (U.S. News & World Report 2023).

Student Accommodation at George Mason University

 Mason Global Center Double room/shared bathroom:

  • Pricing is $5,550 for the Spring 2024 intake and $3,890 for the Summer 2024 intake.

Mason’s campus has more than 40 residence halls, from suites to apartments. Many are new or have been recently renovated to be even more spacious and comfortable. More than 75 percent of all freshmen live on campus, so there’s always plenty going on. A variety of amenities are available within each building, including high-speed Internet access and free laundry facilities (but you still have to fold).

Programs at George Mason University

  1. Undeclared-(U.D.)

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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

  1. Accounting – Business (B.S.)
  2. Finance – Business (B.S.)
  3. Management – Business (B.S.)
  4. Management Information Systems -Business (B.S.)
  5. Marketing – Business (B.S.)
  6. Operations and Supply Chain Management – Business (B.S.)
  7. Business Analytics – Business (B.S.)
  8. Financial Planning – Business (B.S.)
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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

  1. Systems and Industrial Engineering (B.S.)
  2. Information Technology (B.S.)
  3. Statistics (B.S.)
  4. Applied Computer Science (B.S.)
  5. Bioengineering (B.S.)
  6. Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (B.S.)
  7. Computer Engineering (B.S.)
  8. Computer Science (B.S.)
  9. Cyber Security Engineering (B.S.)
  10. Electrical Engineering (B.S.)
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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

Being an Exploratory Major allows you to explore your interests and strengths in a supportive environment with the assistance of an Exploratory Academic Advisor. Spending time on self-exploration, majors, and potential careers prior to declaring a major can help you to be certain of your choice of major.

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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

  1. Individualized – Recreation Management (B.S.)
  2. Sport Management (B.S.)
  3. Conflict Analysis & Resolution (B.A.)
  4. Community Health (B.S.)
  5. Conflict Analysis & Resolution (B.S.)
  6. Health Administration (B.S.)
  7. Tourism & Events Management (B.S.)
  8. Social Work (B.S.W.)
  9. Kinesiology (B.S.)
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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

  1. Anthropology (B.A.)
  2. Art History (B.A.)
  3. Communication (B.A.)
  4. Criminology Law and Society (B.A.)
  5. History (B.A.)
  6. Economics (B.A.)
  7. English (B.A.)
  8. Environmental & Sustainable Studies (B.A.)
  9. Foreign Languages (B.A.)
  10. Global Affairs (B.A.)
  11. Government & International Politics (B.A.)
  12. Women and Gender Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
  13. Music (B.A.)
  14. Philosophy (B.A.)
  15. Psychology (B.A.)
  16. Religious Studies (B.A.)
  17. Russian & Eurasian Studies (B.A.)
  18. Integrative Studies (B.S.)
  19. Sociology (B.A.)
  20. Music (B.M.)
  21. Criminology Law and Society (B.S.)
  22. Economics (B.S.)
  23. Psychology (B.S.)
  24. Public Administration (B.S.)
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Bachelor, International year one

Progression programs: 

  1. Geology (B.S.)
  2. Atmospheric Sciences (B.S.)
  3. Neuroscience (B.S.)
  4. Computational & Data Sciences (B.S.)
  5. Environmental & Sustainable Studies (B.A.)
  6. Biology (B.A.)
  7. Chemistry (B.A.)
  8. Geology (B.A.)
  9. Astronomy (B.S.)
  10. Biology (B.S.)
  11. Chemistry (B.S.)
  12. Environmental Science (B.S.)
  13. Forensic Science (B.S.)
  14. Geography (B.S.)
  15. Mathematics (B.S.)
  16. Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)
  17. Physics (B.S.)
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Master, Pre-Master’s

  1. Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
  2. Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics
  3. Graduate Certificate in Public Health (Generalist)
  4. Graduate Pathway in Accounting
  5. Graduate Pathway in Applied Information Technology
  6. Graduate Pathway in Bioengineering
  7. Graduate Pathway in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  8. Graduate Pathway in Bioinformatics Management
  9. Graduate Pathway in Biostatistics
  10. Graduate Pathway in Business Administration (MBA)
  11. Graduate Pathway in Business Analytics
  12. Graduate Pathway in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  13. Graduate Pathway in Communications
  14. Graduate Pathway in Computer Engineering
  15. Graduate Pathway in Computer Science
  16. Graduate Pathway in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  17. Graduate Pathway in Curriculum and Instruction (Early Childhood and Elementary Education)
  18. Graduate Pathway in Cyber Security Engineering
  19. Graduate Pathway in Data Analytics Engineering
  20. Graduate Pathway in Digital Forensics
  21. Graduate Pathway in Earth Systems Science
  22. Graduate Pathway in Economics
  23. Graduate Pathway in Educational Psychology
  24. Graduate Pathway in Electrical Engineering
  25. Graduate Pathway in English – Linguistics
  26. Graduate Pathway in Environmental Science and Policy
  27. Graduate Pathway in Finance
  28. Graduate Pathway in Forensic Science
  29. Graduate Pathway in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences
  30. Graduate Pathway in Global Affairs
  31. Graduate Pathway in Health Informatics
  32. Graduate Pathway in Health Systems Management
  33. Graduate Pathway in Information Systems
  34. Graduate Pathway in Management
  35. Graduate Pathway in Mathematics
  36. Graduate Pathway in Music
  37. Graduate Pathway in Nutrition
  38. Graduate Pathway in Operations Research
  39. Graduate Pathway in Public Health
  40. Graduate Pathway in Public Policy
  41. Graduate Pathway in Social Work
  42. Graduate Pathway in Software Engineering
  43. Graduate Pathway in Special Education
  44. Graduate Pathway in Special Education (Early Childhood Education)
  45. Graduate Pathway in Sport and Recreation Studies
  46. Graduate Pathway in Statistical Science
  47. Graduate Pathway in Systems Engineering
  48. Graduate Pathway in Telecommunications
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  1. BA in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  2. BS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
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  1. BS Kinesiology
  2. BS Recreation Management – Individualized Concentration
  3. BS Sport Management
  4. BS Tourism and Events Management
  5. BSEd Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners, Concentration in Early Childhood Special Education
  6. BSEd Elementary Education
  7. BSEd Special Education
  8. Education Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
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  1. Applied Computer Science, BS
  2. Bioengineering, BS
  3. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, BS
  4. Computer Engineering, BS
  5. Computer Science, BS
  6. Cyber Security Engineering, BS
  7. Electrical Engineering, BS
  8. Information Technology, BS
  9. Mechanical Engineering, BS
  10. Statistics, BS
  11. Systems and Industrial Engineering, BS
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  1. Anthropology (B.A.)
  2. Foreign Languages (B.A.)
  3. Art History (B.A.)
  4. Childhood Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
  5. Sociology (B.A.)
  6. Psychology (B.A.)
  7. Psychology (B.S.)
  8. Communication (B.A.)
  9. Environmental Science (B.S.)
  10. Creative Writing (B.F.A.)
  11. Criminology Law and Society (B.A.)
  12. Criminology Law and Society (B.S.)
  13. Economics (B.A.)
  14. Economics (B.S.)
  15. English (B.A.)
  16. Russian & Eurasian Studies (B.A.)
  17. Global Affairs (B.A.)
  18. History (B.A.)
  19. Human Development & Family Science (B.A.)
  20. Integrative Studies (B.A.)
  21. Philosophy (B.A.)
  22. Religious Studies (B.A.)
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  1. Community Health (B.S.)
  2. Health Administration (B.S.)
  3. Health Informatics (B.S.)
  4. Nursing (B.S.N.)
  5. Social Work (B.S.W.)
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  1. Astronomy, BS
  2. Atmospheric Sciences, BS
  3. Biology, BA
  4. Biology, BS
  5. Chemistry, BA
  6. Chemistry, BS
  7. Computational and Data Science, BS
  8. Environmental and Sustainability Studies, BA
  9. Environmental Science, BS
  10. Forensic Science, BS
  11. Geography, BA
  12. Geography, BS
  13. Geology, BA
  14. Geology, BS
  15. Mathematics, BA
  16. Mathematics, BS
  17. Medical Laboratory Science, BS
  18. Neuroscience, BS
  19. Physics, BS
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  1. Art and Visual Technology, BA
  2. Art and Visual Technology, BFA
  3. Computer Game Design, BFA
  4. Dance, BFA
  5. Film and Video Studies, BA
  6. Music, BA
  7. Music, BM
  8. Theater, BA
  9. Theater, BFA
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  1. Government & International Politics (B.A.)
  2. Public Administration (B.S.)
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  1. Bachelor of Science in Business
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