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Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA

Location info of Louisiana State University

  • #13 Best City for New College Graduates Money Magazine, 2017
  • #4 Best Quality of Life Business Facilities, 2016
  • #8 Most Diverse Economy EMSI, 2018
  • 900+ restaurants with a variety of multicultural food
  • Baton Rouge is on the move culturally and economically, with art exhibitions, concerts, a new IBM center and hundreds of restaurants from which to choose. New Orleans and Cajun country are just an hour’s drive away.

Top Reasons to Study in Louisiana State University

1.An elite and historic university with a reputation for excellence

As one of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the nation, lsu is in the elite 1 percent with land-, sea-, and space-grant designations, which illustrates our commitment to research and community outreach that addresses the world’s most pressing issues.

2.Leading the nation

Lsu is a top-tier research powerhouse, focused on tackling the world’s most pressing issues. We don’t back down from a challenge. Instead, our students and professors work side-by-side in pursuit of solutions, sharing knowledge that will transform the globe utilizing state of the art facilities on our campus.

3.State of the art facilities

  • New residence halls
  • Innovative classrooms
  • Top-tier labs

University details

About Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University is a Top 100 Public University with a dedicated focus on student involvement, research opportunities, and experiential learning.

As the Flagship institution of the state, the vision of Louisiana State University is to be a leading research-extensive university, challenging undergraduate and graduate students to achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development. Designated as a Land, Sea, and Space Grant institution, the mission of Louisiana State University is the generation, preservation, dissemination, and application of knowledge and cultivation of the arts.

Career at Louisiana State University

With alumni and industry partners that span the globe, our team is in tune with industry trends and what it takes to be competitive in the agricultural industries. To ensure your success, we have many professional development opportunities and resources you can take advantage of during your time here at LSU.

  • Internships
  • Career development programs
  • Career service
  • Resume & cover letter review
  • Travel support fund

Campus life

our campus in Baton Rouge is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. It not only houses the classrooms and laboratories where our award-winning students and faculty chase their dreams but also our live tiger mascot. And if you visit at noontime, you’ll hear Memorial Tower chiming the LSU Alma Mater across the grounds.


Undergraduate scholarship:

from $2,000 to $10,000

Ranking & Accreditation of Louisiana State University

  • #176 National Universities U.S. News & World Report, 2023
  • #87 Top Public Schools U.S. News & World Report, 2023

Other rankings:
• #3 UG Petroleum Engineering
• #11 UG Landscape Architecture Program
• #96 Best Engineering Program

Student Accommodation at Louisiana State University

  • Housing: $8,800 per year. The on-campus East and West Apartments offer four-bedroom, two-bathroom suites for four undergraduate students.
  • Dining : $4,400
  • Other: $2,000 

Programs at Louisiana State University


  1. Agricultural Leadership and Development
  2. Teaching in Formal Education
  3. Agribusiness Finance
  4. Food Industry Management
  5. International Business
  6. Rural Development
  7. Animal Production
  8. Animal Products Processing
  9. Pre-Veterinary Medicine—Animal Sciences
  10. Science and Technology—Animal Sciences
  11. Environmental Analysis and Risk Management
  12. Policy Analysis
  13. Resource Conservation
  14. Conservation Biology
  15. Ecological Restoration
  16. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  17. Forest Enterprise
  18. Forest Resource Management
  19. Pre-Veterinary Medicine — Wildlife and Fisheries
  20. Wetland Science
  21. Wildlife Ecology
  22. Wildlife Habitat Conservation
  23. Dietetics
  24. Food Science and Technology
  25. Nutrition, Health, and Society
  26. Nutritional Sciences/Pre-Medicine
  27. Agricultural Pest Management / Entomology
  28. Agricultural Pest Management / Plant Pathology
  29. Crop Science
  30. Horticulture Science
  31. Medicinal Plant Sciences
  32. Soil Science
  33. Sustainable Production Systems
  34. Turf and Landscape Management
  35. Urban Entomology
  36. Apparel Design
  37. Merchandising
  38. Textile Science
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  1. Architecture
  2. Interior Design
  3. Landscape Architecture
  4. Digital Art
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Studio Art – Ceramics
  7. Studio Art – Paint and Drawing
  8. Studio Art – Photography
  9. Studio Art – Printmaking
  10. Studio Art – Sculpture
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  1. Biological Engineering – STEM designated
  2. Chemical Engineering – STEM designated- Biomolecular
  3. Chemical Engineering – STEM designated- Environmental
  4. Chemical Engineering – STEM designated- Materials
  5. Civil Engineering – STEM designated
  6. Computer Engineering – STEM designated
  7. Computer Science – STEM designated- Cloud Computing and Networking
  8. Computer Science – STEM designated- Computer Science and Second Discipline
  9. Computer Science – STEM designated- Data Science and Analytics
  10. Computer Science – STEM designated- Software Engineering
  11. Electrical Engineering – STEM designated
  12. Environmental Engineering – STEM designated
  13. Industrial Engineering – STEM designated
  14. Mechanical Engineering – STEM designated
  15. Petroleum Engineering – STEM designated
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  1. Child and Family Studies
  2. Child Life
  3. Dual Certification General/Special Education: Grades 1-5
  4. Early Childhood Education: PK-3 Teacher Certification
  5. Elementary Grades Education: 4-year Teacher Certification
  6. Elementary Grades Education: 5-year Certification with Master’s Degree (Holmes Certification)
  7. Kinesiology: Fitness Studies
  8. Kinesiology: Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification
  9. Kinesiology: Human Movement Science
  10. Kinesiology: Physical Activity and Health
  11. Kinesiology: Pre-Athletic Training
  12. Sports Administration: Sport Commerce
  13. Sports Administration: Sport Leadership
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  1. Anthropology
  2. Communication Disorders
  3. Communication Studies
  4. Economics: Empirical Economic Analysis
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Literature
  7. Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture
  8. Secondary Education
  9. French: Secondary Education
  10. Geography, BA: Disaster Science and Management
  11. Geography, BA: Environmental Studies
  12. Geography, BA: Geographic Information Science
  13. Geography, BS: Climatology
  14. Geography, BS: Disaster Science and Management
  15. Geography, BS: Geographic Information Science
  16. History: Secondary Education
  17. Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Studies
  18. International Studies: Africa
  19. International Studies: Asia
  20. International Studies: Environment and Development
  21. International Studies: Europe
  22. International Studies: Global Cultures
  23. International Studies: Global Diplomacy
  24. International Studies: Global Studies
  25. International Studies: Latin America
  26. International Studies: Middle East
  27. African and African American Studies
  28. Art History
  29. Classical Civilization
  30. Religious Studies
  31. Women’s and Gender Studies
  32. Philosophy: Law, Ethics, and Social Justice
  33. American Government and Politics
  34. Campaigns and Elections
  35. Comparative Government and Politics
  36. International Politics and Law
  37. Law and Legal Systems
  38. Political Analysis
  39. Political Theory
  40. Public Policy
  41. Race and Politics
  42. Psychology
  43. Screen Arts: History, Theory, and Criticism
  44. Screen Arts: Production
  45. Screen Arts: Screenwriting
  46. Sociology: Criminology
  47. Spanish: Secondary Education
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  1. Music, BA: Academic Studies
  2. Music, BA: Art Administration
  3. Music, BA: Church Music
  4. Music, BA: Experimental Music and Digital Media
  5. Music, BA: Instradisciplinary Music
  6. Music, BA: Jazz
  7. Music, BA: Theatre
  8. Music, BM: Brass
  9. Music, BM: Composition
  10. Music, BM: Organ
  11. Music, BM: Percussion
  12. Music, BM: Piano Pedagogy
  13. Music, BM: Piano Performance
  14. Music, BM: Strings
  15. Music, BM: Voice
  16. Music, BM: Woodwind
  17. Music, BME: Instrumental
  18. Music, BME: Vocal
  19. Theatre: Arts Administration
  20. Theatre: Design/Technology
  21. Theatre: Film and Television
  22. Theatre: Performance
  23. Theatre: Physical Theatre
  24. Theatre: Theatre Studies
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  1. Biochemistry – STEM designated
  2. Biological Sciences – STEM designated: Marine Biology
  3. Biological Sciences – STEM designated: Secondary Education
  4. Biological Chemistry
  5. Chemical Physics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Chemistry and Second Discipline
  8. Environmental Chemistry
  9. Materials
  10. Polymers
  11. Pre-Professional Chemistry
  12. Chemistry: Secondary Education
  13. Environmental Geology
  14. Geology
  15. Geophysics
  16. Actuarial Science
  17. Computational Mathematics
  18. Math and Second Discipline
  19. Mathematical Statistics
  20. Mathematics
  21. Mathematics: Secondary Education
  22. Microbiology – STEM designated
  23. Astronomy
  24. Medical Physics
  25. Physics
  26. Physics and Second Discipline
  27. Physics: Secondary Education
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STEM designated programs

  1. Applied Coastal Environmental Science
  2. Coastal Meteorology
  3. Environmental Health [3+2 Program]
  4. Environmental Law [Pre-Law 3+3 Program]
  5. Environmental Science and Research
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  1. Accounting
  2. Economics: Empirical Economic Analysis
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Finance
  5. General Business
  6. Information Systems and Decision Sciences – STEM designated
  7. International Trade and Finance: Empirical Economic Analysis
  8. Management: Human Resource Management
  9. Management: International Management
  10. Management: Strategic Leadership
  11. Marketing: Marketing Analytics
  12. Marketing: Professional Sales
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  1. Mass Communication
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Journalism
  4. Political Communication
  5. Pre-Law 3+3 Digital Advertising
  6. Pre-Law 3+3 Journalism
  7. Pre-Law 3+3 Political Communication
  8. Pre-Law 3+3 Public Relations
  9. Public Relations
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Pre-Health Programs (non-degree)

  1. Pre-Cardiopulmonary Science
  2. Pre-Dental Hygiene
  3. Pre-Dental Lab Technician
  4. Pre-Dentistry
  5. Pre-Medical Technology
  6. Pre-Nursing – STEM designated
  7. Pre-Occupational Therapy
  8. Pre-Pharmacy
  9. Pre-Physical Therapy
  10. Pre-Physician Assistant
  11. Pre-Public Health
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