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C. de Sta. Cruz de Marcenado, 27, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Location info of Nebrija University

  1. This prime location in the center of Madrid allows us to extend our teaching activities beyond the classroom.
  2. Our varied offerings of field trips and cultural experiences will open your eyes to another culture, allow you to integrate yourself into life at Nebrija and give you many opportunities to make friends.
  3. Madrid, one of the most vital cities in Europe, is also a city filled to the brim with cultural and social offerings.

Top Reasons to Study in Nebrija University

Nebrija University stands out thanks to its main values, which are:

  • Employability and orientation towards the profession itself, with several internship possibilities in different companies and institutions for all of our students.
  • Academic excellence and personalized teaching in small groups, which includes meeting relevant personalities that are part of the academic and professional world.
  • Internationalization, that is, a mix of bilingual international students in Madrid along with several international programs abroad, which is one of the essential experiences before completing the respective studies.
  • Pedagogical innovation that includes spaces of knowledge and employment in order to become creative,enterprisingand interact with all sectors while studying at our university.

University details

About Nebrija University

Since its creation in 1995, Nebrija University has maintained the differentiating values of its educational model, based on quality teaching as well as on research as knowledge creation, which includes a comprehensive training of different skills, competences and abilities of all its students. These are key values that are crucial to achieve the development of individual talent and the best opportunities for professional integration too.

Our philosophy is to learn by doing, which becomes a unique university experience. In fact, it is a vital experience in the transformation of the student towards a global knowledge in order to start and lead the changes in which he or she is immersed.

Career at Nebrija University

From the beginning we understood that employability should be our goal. We create specific departments and show society our results. While the others promised an idyllic future, we publicly committed ourselves to our Nebrija Contract, the hallmark that has differentiated us during all these years and has made us a benchmark in employability .

Our educational model builds the ID of the Nebrija student by creating professional profiles capable of responding with values, competence and agility to the dizzying challenges of a globalized, multicultural, multidisciplinary and technological world.

Campus life

  • Madrid-Princesa Campus
  • Life Sciences Campus in La Berzosa
  • Joaquín María López Building
  • San Rafael-Nebrija University Center
  • Dehesa de la Villa Campus

Ranking & Accreditation of Nebrija University

The commitment of Nebrija University to academic excellence, training in leading companies, innovation in multidisciplinary programs and international education, place Nebrija University in the top positions of the most important university rankings.

  • Nebrija University takes the 5th position among the 20 best universities in Spain according to the study carried out by Forbes magazine
  • Nebrija University is at the head of Spanish universities in the field of teaching, according to the latest edition of U-Ranking
  • Nebrija University is the only university in the Community of Madrid that has received the three certificates that make up the Madrid Guarantee seal: ‘Compliance Measures’, ‘Extraordinary Measures’ and ‘Solidarity Actions’. This certification is granted by the Government of the Community of Madrid to certify that Nebrija University complies with all safety regulations and measures against the threat of COVID-19, even extraordinary ones, on all its campuses, and that it has also launched solidarity measures during the pandemic.
  • Nebrija University has obtained five stars, the highest score, in Teaching, Internationalization and Online Teaching in the International Ranking QS Stars, a British organization leader in education rankings.
  • 3nd private University in Spain.
  • 1st private University in Madrid according to University Transparency Ranking 2018
  • Among the 10 best Spanish-speaking online universities in the world according to Ranking of Spanish-speaking Online Institutions of Higher Education (FSO) 2020
  • Nebrija University has been classified among the 10 best Ibero-american digital and innovative universities in the University Innovation Ranking, carried out by elEconomista.es, this being our first time participating in this classification.
  • Recognition of the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ecuador (SENESCYT)
  • Global TOP 100 Best Masters
  • Recognition of the Ministry of Educationof the People’s Republic of China
  • Nebrija University receives the favorable certification of the DOCENTIA – NEBRIJA model from the Madri+d Foundation. This procedure is used for the evaluation of the faculty’s teaching activity.

Student Accommodation at Nebrija University

Nebrija Residences is an educational institution in which you will find a space for coexistence that encourages social and cultural life as a complement to academic training.

The Augustinus-Nebrija Residence

The Nebrija-Chamberí Residence

The Nebrija-Corazonistas Residence

Con-vive Madrid Student Housing

read more about the accommodation

Programs at Nebrija University


  1. Degree in Journalism
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communications
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts
  7. Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts
  8. Bachelor’s Degree in Digital and Multimedia Design
  9. Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design

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  1. Master’s Degree in Journalism in Television
  2. Master’s Degree in Digital and Data Journalism
  3. Master’s Degree in Direction and Production of Fiction Series Plano a Plano
  4. Master’s Degree in Political Communication and Crisis and Emergency Management
  5. Master’s Degree in Continuing Education in Radio, Podcast and Digital Audio Cadena SER
  6. Master’s Degree in Continuing Education in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting
  7. Master’s Degree in Integrated Advertising Management
  8. Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising IAA
  9. Master´s Degree in Event Organization and Management Newlink – Globally
  10. Master’s Degree in Art Market and Management of Related Companies
  11. Master’s Degree in Continuing Education in History Painting Ferrer-Dalmau
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  1. Degree in C-ADE Business Creation, Administration and Management
  2. Degree in Economics and International Business (could be held in English)
  3. Degree in Tourism (could be held in English)

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  1. MBA&T Master of Business Administration (could be held in English)
  2. Master in Project Management and Organization
  3. Master in Business Management and Digital Marketing
  4. Master in Leadership and Human Resources Management + Own Degree Sagardoy in Digital
  5. Master in Leadership and Human Resources Management
  6. Master in Internationalization of Companies (could be held in English)
  7. Master in Business Management (MIM)
  8. Management of Agrifood Companies
  9. Master in Finance
  10. Master’s Degree in Tourist Companies and Destinations + Own Nebrija Expert Certificate in Tourist Innovation and Intelligence


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  1. Degree in law
  2. Degree in International Relations (could be held in English)
  3. Degree in Security

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  1. Master in Access to the Legal Profession
  2. Master in Security and Defense
  3. Master in International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Operational Law
  4. Master in International Business Law
  5. Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention and Regulatory Compliance
  6. Master in Data Protection and Security
  7. Master in Intelligence Analysis and Cyber ​​Intelligence
  8. Master in Cybercrime
  9. Master in International Business Law (could be held in English)
  10. Master in Labor Law
  11. Master in Law of Regulated Sectors
  12. Master’s Degree in Permanent Training in Bankruptcy Law + Expert in Restructuring and Sale of Productive Unit
  13. Master in International Relations (could be held in English)
  14. Master in Conflict Risk Management
  15. Master in Alliances and International Cooperation for Sustainable Development

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  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physics

  4. Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering

  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  6. Bachelor’s Degree in Automobile Engineering

  7. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development

  8. Bachelor’s Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture (could be held in English)

  9. Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design

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  1. Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
  2. Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering + MBA Online

  3. Master’s Degree in Industrial Design

  4. Master’s degree in Motorsport Engineering

  5. Master´s Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

  6. Master´s Degree in Production Engineering in the Automobile Industry

  7. Master’s Degree in Disruptive Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  8. Master’s Degree in Architecture

  9. Master´s Degree in Quantum Computing

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  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Modern Languages*
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  1. Master’s Degree in Linguistics Applied to the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language
  2. Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Nebrija-Difusión
  3. Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education (could be held in English)
  4. Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
  5. Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technologies for Digital Education and Learning
  6. Master’s degree in Educational Teaching and Learning Processes
  7. Master’s Degree in Cognition and Emotion in Educational Contexts
  8. Master’s Degree in Behavioral Problems in Educational Centers
  9. Master’s Degree in Attention to Diversity and Special Educational Needs
  10. Master´s Degree in Management and Digital Transformation of Educational Centers
  11. Master’s Degree in Teaching Methodologies
  12. Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies in Giftedness and Talent Development
  13. Master’s Degree in Language Development and Communication Difficulties
  14. Master’s Degree in Educational Governance

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  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

  3. Degree in Nursing

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  1. Master’s Degree in Continuing Education in Aesthetic Medicine
  2. Master’s Degree in Continuing Education in Medical-Surgical Lasers for Dermatoaesthetic Procedures

  3. Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogy

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