Hiring | Emonovo Accelerate Scheme – 3rd (Paid job) – Education Counseling

Emonovo Accelerate scheme

We’re Hiring at Emonovo (MENA Leading Ed-tech platform)


#Position: Emonovo Accelerate scheme 3rd time (Paid job) – Education counseling
5,000 EGP/month + Up to 1,500 EGP Monthly Bonus + Commission/student
After 3 months it will be 7,000 EGP/Month + Up to 2,000 EGP Monthly Bonus + Commission/student
#Type: Full-time position.
#Location: Emonovo office at Cairo, Egypt. (The office is next to Behooth metro station)
#When: Start in Jan 2023


About Emonovo

Emonovo (WWW.EMONOVO.COM) is the MENA Ed-Tech platform that supports MENA youth to pursue their educational journey around the world. Emonovo website gets over 2.5 million visits per month and has around 1 million social media engagement.

Emonovo Accelerate Scheme Overview

Emonovo Accelerate scheme is a scheme designed for anyone who wants to be an educational counselor and kickstart their career in this field. During the 3 months, you will work and get training at the same time. You will do certain tasks and get feedback from managers and C level directly to accelerate your progress in the field. The scheme is designed in a way to expose you to different experiences while working to make sure you learn faster and perform better. After the 3 months, you will officially become an educational counselor with Emonovo. This is our 3rd cycle.

Who is the educational counselor?

A person who consults students to define their field of study and pick the most suitable university that matches their budget to pursue their educational journey. Example of educational counselor job description is:

  • Communicate with students to guide them in picking a suitable major to study.
  • Guide students to decide on the country and university to study at.
  • Help students to apply for their desirable programs abroad.
  • Attend meetings with universities to understand all the available options.
  • Help students and their parents by answering all their inquiries.


What will you do during the 3 months of the accelerate scheme?

Within the 3 months of Scheme, you will have 5 focus areas divided as below

  1. Work
    We follow the learning by doing theory. Most of your time (70% to 80%) will be spent on work which include calls, counseling sessions, sending options and supporting students with applications. Don’t worry, we will give you a full training on how to do this step by step.
  2. Counseling related training (online and offline)
    Courses, training and activities directly related to counseling.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluations
    Engagement activities with Emonovo to monitor and evaluate your progress frequently. Weekly and monthly check in.
  4. Soft Skills training (online and offline)
    Mandatory training you have to attend to improve your personal skills that will help you while working as a counselor.
  5. Self Study
    We could give 1hour weekly to read articles or watch videos.


Here are the activities you will do:

  • Attend Intense training about studying abroad and registration process in each different countries and universities.
  • Conduct research about the educational entities and education systems in different countries.
  • Conducting phone calls, e-mails, and offline and online meetings with interested people to answer their inquiries and assist them in finding their best-fit study destination.
  • Assist in various business development activities related to their area of expertise.
  • Continuously present to the managers and C level executives your progress and act upon feedback.

According to our data, the scheme participants feel 90% confident in being educational counselors after the scheme.

This role will best fit candidates who

  • Are interested in becoming an educational counselor and entering this field.
  • Have an excellent command of the English Language; written and spoken.
  • Enjoy meeting new people and speaking with them.
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Eager to learn and a great listener.
  • Comfortable with initiating various communications among several channels.
  • Love the startup culture and flexible enough to adapt to new changes.

Golden role
You could come from a diversity of backgrounds, such as engineering, management consulting, medicine, data analytics, entrepreneurship, business development or something entirely different. What’s important is that you have a desire to learn more, move beyond your comfort zone and push boundaries.

Having any or some of those is a plus to your application

  • Have studied abroad for his/her Bachelor or Master Degree.
  • Having Background in sales or customer service.
  • Speaking languages other than Arabic and English ex. French
  • Worked in a coaching or consulting field specifically with high school students.


Once you join Emonovo, you will get onboarding training based on your personal assessment to be able to understand your job and execute it effectively.


Important note:
During the 3 months, your performance will be evaluated and you should meet the expectations and be committed to the scheme to qualify for the educational counselor position and start getting 7,000 EGP/Month + Up to 2,000 EGP Monthly Bonus + Commission/student.



Is this an internship or training?
No. This is not an internship or training. It is a full time job and you will get paid for it. The scheme is from 70% or 80% work and 20% to 30% training.


What will happen within the 3 months?
Within the 3 months, you will work and get training at the same time. You will have 5 focus areas (Work, Counseling related training (online and offline), Monitoring and Evaluations, Soft Skills training (online and offline), and Self Study). Read above for more details.


What happens after the 3 months?
You will become an official educational counselor and get a higher salary and different monthly bonus. It will be 7,000 EGP/Month + Up to 2,000 EGP Monthly Bonus + Commission/student.


Can I work from home or part time?
No. It is only full time and you have to come to the office every day. Our office is 5 minutes walking from Behooth metro station.


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