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Talk with Our Educational Counsellors to Get Support

Talk with Our Educational Counsellors to Get Support

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Oct, Feb, Jul
Bachelor's degree applications are only accepted in the fall semester. Graduate's degree applications are accepted in both intakes, Fall & Spring.


Always open


Örnektepe Mah., İmrahor Cd. No:82, 34445 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Location info of Haliç University

  • The Country Is Safe To Live In
  • There Are So Many Places To See And Visit
  • Ielts Or Toefl Exams Are Not Required For The Admission Process
  • World-Class Education System
  • Multicultural Environment
  • High Quality Of Life
  • Transportation Is Convenient And Cheap
  • Living Expenses Are Low
  • You Can Learn A New Language
  • You Can See Rich History Everywhere
  • Turkish People Are Welcoming And Friendly
  • You Will Enjoy The Weather


Top Reasons to Study in Haliç University

  1. -Fast and simple application process
  2. -Constant communication and support
  3. -Central location that is accessible from all points in Istanbul
  4. -Interdisciplinary double major and minor program opportunities
  5. -Academic staff that are experts in their fields
  6. -European Credit system
  7. -A curriculum in line with the standards of the bologna process
  8. -Diverse student population with more than 70 different nationalities
  9. -Private career counseling and self-assessment sessions
  10. -Erasmus+ Training and Internship Mobility Opportunities with agreements over 100 universities
  11. -International exchange programs for training

University details

About Haliç University

Within the scope of Article 7 of the Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation, Haliç University Quality Commission consists of members determined by the Senate decision numbered 2017/15 in October 2017. Therefore; quality processes are conducted by Quality Coordination Unit.

Mission, Vision and Basic Values of our University in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan;


To be a leading university in it’s prior fields by taking strength from its historical heritage of Istanbul and the Golden Horn and by training competent people in the fields of education, training and research and development.



To be a pioneer in science, arts and sports, by getting inspired by local and universal values.


Our Values

  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Universality
  • Questioning
  • Participative
  • Libertarian

Career at Haliç University

The primary purpose of Haliç University Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations is to create awareness of career planning for students and alumni. In the process of creating this awareness, our unit works to provide the necessary qualifications by constantly interacting with the business world to overcome the difficulties that our students will encounter while being prepared for business life.

Our unit both offers counselling services to students and alumni on planning their careers, and supports them in discovering, defining themselves and communicating with the business life in order to be integrated and pioneer in the new economic age where everything is changing rapidly.


Haliç University offers only academic merit scholarship for those who completed their first year already in the University. You can have up to 15% scholarship after completing your first year in our University. In order to have scholarship you will need to start and complete your first semester with fixed tuition fee.

Ranking & Accreditation of Haliç University

  • Top 200 in the category of Gender Equality in the World University Rankings
  • Top 300 in the category of Affordable and Clean Energy in the World University Rankings
  • Top 400 in the category of Quality of Education in the World University Rankings
  • Top 400 in the category of Reduced Inequality in the World University Rankings
  • Top 400 in the category of Good Health and Well Being in the World University Rankings
  • Top 400 in the category of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions in the World University Rankings
  • Top 400 in the category of Responsible Consumption and Production in the World University Rankings

Student Accommodation at Haliç University

There are plenty of options for accommodation in the city of Istanbul. According to your standards and preferences, you can easily filter through the options and find the most suitable home for you. As the international office, we make sure to guide our students when necessary and introduce them to dormitories nearby our campus.

There are many dormitories close to Haliç University that offer different facilities and services. You can reside in a dorm room either on your own or share a room with other students. Although it differs from dorm to dorm, you can share your room with up to 6 people.

Apart from dormitories, there are other options such as renting a house or a student residence. According to your wish, you can rent a house alone or with friends, furnished or unfurnished. For a comfortable daily routine, you can rent a house either near our university or near public transportation stations that have direct rides to our university. The most important thing to do while renting a house in Istanbul is to research about the transportation options near the house you are renting in order to have an easy lifestyle where you can commute easily throughout your day.

Student residences are similar to dorms but have minor differences such as the easy of not having entry or exit hours. Unlike dorms they don’t have restrictions and are more like personal apartments where the rent is combined with your other bills and expenses.

Overall, you should have no worries about accommodation while moving to Istanbul for studies for there are several alternatives that can fit every budget, every taste and every standard.

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Programs at Haliç University


  1. Opera
  2. Theatre
  3. Turkish Classical Music
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  1. Theater (with Thesis)
  2. Theater(Non-Thesis)
  3. Turkish Classical Music (Non-Thesis)
  4. Turkish Classical Music (with Thesis)
Program Year
Theater (with Thesis) 2
Theater(Non-Thesis) 1.5
Turkish Classical Music (Non-Thesis) 1.5
Turkish Classical Music (with Thesis) 2
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  1. Interior Architecture
  2. Architecture
  3. Industrial Products Design
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  1. Architecture (Non-Thesis)
  2. Architecture (with Thesis)
  3. Industrial Design (Non-Thesis)
  4. Industrial Design (with Thesis)
  5. Interior Architecture (Non-Thesis)
  6. Interior Architecture (with Thesis)
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  1. Molecular Biology and Genetics*
  2. Translation and Interpreting (English/Turkish)
  3. Psychology (EN)
  4. Psychology (TR)
  5. American Culture And Literature
  6. Mathematics***
  7. Turkish Language and Literature**
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  1. Applied Mathematics (Non-Thesis)
  2. Applied Mathematics (with Thesis)
  3. General Psychology (with Thesis)
  4. General Psychology (Non-Thesis)
  5. Molecular Biology and Genetics (Non-Thesis)
  6. Molecular Biology and Genetics (with Thesis)
  7. Turkish Language and Literature (Non-Thesis)
  8. Turkish Language and Literature (with Thesis)
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  1. Management Information Systems (EN)
  2. Political Science And International Relations (TR)
  3. International Trade And Business (EN)
  4. International Trade And Business (TR)
  5. Public Relations And Publicity (TR)
  6. Tourism Management (TR)
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  1. Accounting and Auditing (Non-Thesis)
  2. Accounting and Auditing (with Thesis)
  3. Accounting and Financing (Non-Thesis)
  4. Accounting and Financing (with Thesis)
  5. Business Administration (Non-Thesis)
  6. Business Administration (with Thesis)
  7. Engineering Management (with Thesis)
  8. International Trade and Business (Non-Thesis)
  9. International Trade and Business (with Thesis)
  10. International Business Management (Non-Thesis)
  11. International Business Management (with Thesis)
  12. Management and Information Systems (Non-Thesis)
  13. Management and Information Systems (with Thesis)
  14. Master of Business Administration (Non-Thesis)
  15. Master of Business Administration (with Thesis)
  16. Tourism Management (Non-Thesis)
  17. Tourism Management (with Thesis)
  18. Hospital and Health Facilities Management (Non-Thesis)
  19. Hospital and Health Facilities Management (with Thesis)
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  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Electrical And Electronics Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Biomedical Engineering
  6. Industrial Engineering
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  1. Computational Science and Engineering (with Thesis)
  2. Computer Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  3. Computer Engineering (with Thesis)
  4. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  5. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Thesis)
  6. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (with Thesis)
  8. Engineering Management (with Thesis)
  9. Industrial Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  10. Industrial Engineering (with Thesis)
  11. Industrial Engineering (Non-Thesis) (English)
  12. Industrial Engineering (with Thesis) (English)
  13. Mechanical Engineering (with Thesis)
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  1. Graphic Design
  2. Textile and Fashion Design
  3. Cartoon and Animation
  4. Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
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  1. Graphic Design (Non-Thesis)
  2. Graphic Design (with Thesis)
  3. Textile and Fashion Design (Non-Thesis)
  4. Textile and Fashion Design (with Thesis)
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  1. Nutrition and Dietetics
  2. Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Midwifery
  4. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  5. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  6. Nursing (TR)
  7. Nursing (EN)
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  1. Nursing (Non-Thesis)
  2. Nursing (with Thesis)
  3. Nutrition and Dietetics (with Thesis)
  4. Molecular Biology and Genetics (Non-Thesis)
  5. Molecular Biology and Genetics (with Thesis)
  6. Clinical Psychology (with Thesis)
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  1. M.D. (Medical Doctor) Medicine (EN)
  2. M.D. (Medical Doctor) Medicine (TR)
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  1. Coaching Education
  2. Physical Education and Sports Teaching
  3. Recreation
  4. Sports Management
  5. Sports Management
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