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Cultural Diversity
If you’re wondering why choose UK for abroad study, one of the main reasons other than academia is to experience true cultural diversity. People from around the world have made UK their home, which is why it is a great place for students to get to know and meet people from different cultures. This country has a rich mix of different languages, faiths, cuisines, world-famous festivals, and many other things.

Simple Visa Formalities
The UK visa is not that hard to get if an International Student is able to prove that they have enough finances to support their stay in the UK. They need to show financial proof like a bank statement or an Educational Loan letter which showcases that they have enough funds available to pay for the Tuition Fees and Living expenses.

Quality Education
Many countries like to follow the UK’s education system, as its quality is considered as the best in the world. UK universities are inspected regularly by QAA to assess the standards of teaching, learning and research to ensure that set benchmarks are met. The Indian education system is also based on that of the UK.

Gateway to explore Europe
Studying in the UK gives you an opportunity to explore the rest of Europe during their vacations. The UK also has plenty of opportunities to discover new places and adventures.

The benefits of studying in the UK include exposure to a high standard education system, excellent infrastructure, quality research, rich heritage, exceptionally diverse culture.

Top Reasons to Study in University of Law

Our Heritage

We are the largest provider of legal education in the UK (HESA 2020/21). We can trace our origins to 1876 with the formation of tutorial firm Gibson & Weldon, and in 2016, we opened our leading Business School. With a rich heritage and a reputation for innovation and contemporary teaching practices, we continuously focus on developing the best legal and business minds.

Innovative and Contemporary Teaching Practices

All of our courses – from our undergraduate law degrees to our diverse range of business courses and postgraduate programmes – are designed with a unique, varied and innovative learning approach proven to deliver self-reliant professionals who can compete in the fast changing professional world. With a focus on developing skills in problem-solving, weighing up arguments, critical thinking and commercial awareness, our courses are designed to prepare you for the real-life challenges of the working world.

Powerful Connections

Our track record of excellence in learning and development has helped us establish worldwide connections within the legal and business industries. This is why many leading global law firms and businesses work exclusively with us to develop their people, and why employers of all types want to meet our students. It’s why law schools and professional bodies around the world choose to enter into strategic alliances with us.We have a vast network in the legal industry and deliver legal training to 94 of the top 100 law firms, with exclusive relationships with 60 of the top UK law firms and many of the most prestigious US firms in the UK.

The Most Experienced Tutors

More than 250 of our tutors are qualified lawyers and business professionals, and all have extensive practical experience which they are able to pass on to our students. We facilitate this process with high levels of student-to-tutor contact time and small class sizes – one of the reasons that many firms insist their trainees study with us.

University details

About University of Law

What Makes us Different:

What really sets us apart from other universities is the guiding principle that future lawyers and business leaders should learn in a realistic, professional and contemporary context, with plenty of practical interactive engagement. That’s why we keep our contact hours high and our teaching groups small.

Career at University of Law

Focused on Employability

We focus exclusively on practice-based training and give students access to our expert Careers and Employability service database as soon as they accept a place with us. Students also benefit from our pioneering and award-winning pro bono programmes, which allow them to gain valuable work experience by helping real clients from the local community.

Campus life

With 20 locations around the world, you have plenty of choice in where to study with us. We have 17 campuses in the UK, international sites in Hong Kong and Berlin, and a dedicated Online Campus so you can study wherever you are based.

We have campuses in Birmingham, Bristol, Guildford, Hong Kong, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle University, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Chester, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, University of Liverpool, University of Reading, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton and two locations in London – Bloomsbury and Moorgate. In addition you can study in Berlin at GISMA Business School. All campuses are well-equipped, and are close to thriving commercial hubs, leading law firms and transport links.


Law Courses:

  • 4 Year LLB with Foundation year: £2,500 per academic year
  • 3 Year LLB: £2,500 per academic year
  • 2 Year LLB Accelerated: £2,500 per academic year
  • 2 year LLB Senior Status: £2,500 per academic year
  • Academic Masters in Law – London: £3,000 in total
  • Academic Masters in Law – Non-London: £2,500 in total
  • Conversion Courses, MA Law (Conversion)
  • MA Law (SQE1), Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL): £1,000 in total
  • LPC (Full Time and Accelerated): £1,000 in total
  • LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2): £1,000 in total
  • Bar Practice Course (BPC): £1,000 in total
  • LLM Bar Practice Course: £1,500 in total

Computer Science Courses:

  • Masters Program in Computer Science:£1,500 in total
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Computer Science: £2,500 per academic year

 Policing and Criminology Courses:

  • 4 Year BSc / BA with Foundation year: £2,500 per academic year
  • 3 Year BSc / BA: £2,500 per academic year
  • 2 Year Accelerated BSc: £2,500 per academic year
  • MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice: £1,500 per academic year

 Business School Courses:

  • 4 Year BSc Business with Foundation year:£2,500 per academic year
  • 3 Year BSc Business:£2,500 per academic year
  • Masters Programs in Business (MSc) – London:£3,000 per academic year
  • Masters Programs in Business (MSc) – Non-London: £2,500 per academic year

Psychology Courses:

  • 4 Year BSc with Foundation year: £2,500 per academic year
  • 3 Year BSc (Hons) Psychology: £2,500 per academic year
  • MSc Psychology (Conversion): £1,500 in total

Please note, the International Bursary will only be applied to the final year’s fees for undergraduate students.

Ranking & Accreditation of University of Law

  • Ranked Top 20 amongst English universities in the 2023 National Student Survey.
  • We have an overall 5 Star rating from QS World University Rankings and 5 stars in Teaching, Employability, Online Learning, Academic Development and Inclusiveness.
  • 95% of postgraduate students in employment were in highly skilled employment 15 months after graduating (2020/21 Graduate Outcomes data).
  • The University of Law (ULaw) has been ranked first amongst universities for overall student satisfaction in England in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2020.

Programs at University of Law


  1. MSc Strategic Business Management
  2. MSc Project Management
  3. MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management
  4. MSc Marketing
  5. MSc Investment and Trading
  6. MSc Business Analytics
  7. MSc Cyber Security Management
  8. MSc Corporate Financial Management
  9. MBA Leadership
  10. MSc Human Resources with Employment Law
  11. MSc Corporate Governance with Company Law
  12. MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  13. MSc Corporate Governance and Ethics
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Bachelor, Foundation year

  1. BSc Accounting with Finance
  2. BSc Business Management
  3. BSc Business Management with Entrepreneurship
  4. BSc Business Management with Law
  5. BSc Business Management with Marketing
  6. BSc Finance with Accounting
  7. BSc International Strategic Business Management
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Coming Soon…

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  1. BA Criminology
  2. BA Criminology and Sociology
  3. BA Criminology and Policing
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  1. LLM International Energy Law
  2. LLM International Commercial Law
  3. LLM Insurance Law
  4. LLM Environmental Law
  5. LLM International Finance Law
  6. LLM Employment Law
  7. LLM Data Protection and Intellectual Property
  8. LLM Compliance and Regulation*
  9. Legal Technology
  10. MSc Legal Technology
  11. LLM Mental Health Law
  12. LLM Medical Law and Ethics
  13. LLM Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  14. LLM Master of Laws (General)
  15. LLM Master of Law (International)
  16. LLM International Human Rights Law
  17. LLM International Corporate Governance
  18. LLM Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  19. LLM International Business Law
  20. LLM International Arbitration
  21. Executive LLM
  22. LLM Public International Law
  23. LLM Corporate Governance GradCG
  24. LLM Corporate Governance
  25. LLM Company Law
  26. LLM Banking and Debt Finance
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  1. LLB Law
  2. LLB Law (Accelerated)
  3. LLB Law with Criminology
  4. LLB Law with Business
  5. LLB Law with International Business
  6. LLB Law with Government and Politics
  7. LLB Law Senior Status
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  1. BSc Professional Policing
  2. BSc Professional Policing (Accelerated)
  3. BA Criminology and Policing
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  1. MSc Psychology (Conversion)
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  1. BSc (Hons) Psychology
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