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Vankanlähde 9, 13100 Hämeenlinna, Finland

Location info of Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

  • 4th in quality of life for expats
  • 3rd in work – life balance
  • 3rd in highest education
  • 3rd highest quality of life
  • 2nd most gender equal
  • 1st country in digital skills
  • 1st happiest country
  • Four beautiful seasons and stunning nature (Air quality no.1 in the world )
  • Equality, low levels of hierarchy, co-operation
  • The safest and most stable place in the world
  • Sustainable country
  • Possibility to work during and after studies

Top Reasons to Study in Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

  • Competitive, modern university with internationally recognized teaching quality.
  • First higher education institution to pass FINEEC audit with the grade Excellent in education and quality system.
  • boosting comprehensive skills for employability, innovation and
  • Studies are practical-oriented and include real-life projects for businesses. Our students have strong contacts with local companies.
  • Individual approach and student centeredness

University details

About Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

We’re united by the idea of saving our future with real actions. Welcome to HAMK, you’re here to make a change.

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is a learning and research community of people driven to make a positive impact on the world.

We are a team of approximately 9,000 people shaping the future of bioeconomy, health, education, business, design, and technology. Our presence spans across seven campuses, online, and internationally. There are more than 850 international students from over 70 different countries. We provide exceptional tools and environments to our students, staff, and partners to work and collaborate together to accomplish useful actions.

Career at Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

In the HAMK Edu Research Unit’s Lifelong career guidance research area, we focus particularly on the diverse needs of lifelong guidance. The need for guidance lasts a lifetime. The aim should therefore be a continuation of career guidance in which counselling is available to all those who need it, regardless of whether they are within the scope of education, employment or outside the world of work. The field of career guidance is constantly changing. In the Lifelong career guidance research area, the most current questions and themes of career guidance are discussed, as well as what career guidance should focus on, and what should be developed in the near future.

Campus life

Hämeenlinna campus:

Hämeenlinna is history, industry and outdoors.

Hämeenlinna is the oldest inland town in Finland and it was founded in 1639. However, Hämeenlinna was already a trading place a hundred years before it became a town. Construction of the medieval castle started in the 13th century. The castle is the symbol of the town and a landmark in the history of buildings. History also comes alive in the town centre, which has a church from the 18th century and buildings from various periods in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Riihimäki campus:

Riihimäki has a history of railways and glass-making.

Riihimäki is a small town in the junction of main motorways and railway lines.

Riihimäki is a town with 28,800 inhabitants. It lies at the junction of southern Finland’s main motorways and railway lines. The town is located about 70 km from Helsinki and the airport, and it takes only 45 minutes to reach Riihimäki from anywhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Valkeakoski campus:

Valkeakoski is a town in the southern part of Finland that offers a variety of services and free time activities.

For a town of just over 21,000 inhabitants, Valkeakoski is surprisingly diverse. Here, it is possible to do sports of many types and also to watch sports at national level, eat in ethnic restaurants, go to movies or theatre, party, enjoy the beautiful nature and of course participate in high level education.

Forssa campus:

Forssa is a commercial centre and a sporting town.

Forssa is the administrational, commercial and service centre of its economic area.

Forssa is situated in the southwest of central Finland, which is the most populated area of Finland, only one hour from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. There are about 17,500 inhabitants in Forssa, and together with the surrounding municipalities Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela and Ypäjä 35,000 inhabitants.


1- Early bird discount: Amount: 800€ for students who pay the tuition fee of full academic year.

2- Awards students who commit to studying Finnish language and study progress fulfills 60 ECTS credits per academic year at HAMK.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:
1. Scholarship: Basic User of Finnish language (CERF level-A2): 3200 €
2. Scholarship: Independent User of Finnish language – (CERF level B1): 6500€
Master’s Degree Programmes:
1. Scholarship: Basic User of Finnish language (CERF level-A2): 2500 €

Ranking & Accreditation of Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

  • HAMK is the 8th largest university of applied sciences in Finland and the only higher education institution in the Kanta-Häme region in southern Finland.
  • HAMK was the first ever higher education institution in Finland to receive the highest status “advanced” for its quality system.
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences ranked 14th among nearly one thousand participants, in the GreenMetric ranking, measuring the sustainability of higher education institutions’ operations and operational environment.
  • Higher Education Since 1840 – In Southern Finland
  • HAMK is a member of the RUN European University, which includes seven European higher education institutions. In addition, HAMK is also part of the international Beyond alliance, which includes HAMK, Feevale University in Brazil and Via University College in Denmark.

Student Accommodation at Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

HAMK’s staff and tutors assist and guide you with the accommodation process:

  • Help you with the application form if
  • Monitor your accommodation process;
    make sure that you have an apartment
    when you arrive
  • Please notice that the accommodation
    applications expire within 3 months, so
    please do not apply for accommondation
    earlier than 3 months till arriving Finland.

Living Costs:

  • Estimate student budget per month: approximately 850€
  • Rent: 350€ (own room in shared apartment with 1-2 students)
  • Daily warm lunch at school: 3,20€/day, all together 70€/month.
  • Food and beverages: 430€/month
    (depending on your lifestyle)

Programs at Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK


  1. International Business
View faculty

  1. Management in Sustainable Business
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  1. Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy
  2. Computer Applications
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  1. Smart and Sustainable Design
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  1. Construction Engineering
  2. Electrical and Automation Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
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  1. Smart and Organic Farming
  2. Sustainable Forest Management
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  1. Sustainable Technologies
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